Tide with Bleach Powder, Original Scent is awesome

larsi_gwOctober 20, 2010

I rarely trust my clothes or Miele washer to anything but Persil or German Ariel. Happened to read several online reviews about Tide with Bleach powder, and even though it is NOT he, many reviews said it works great.

Looking at the Tide website, I noticed that the bleach used is color safe and the indredient list showed "suds inhibitor".

The smell is awesome...very Persil "ish". This Tide Powder smells like old fashioned detergent. Not perfumey, nothing fruity, sweet or tropical.

I've washed sheets, dark towels, black clothes, light towels, brights, workout/gym clothes....EVERY load came out fresh, clean, free of odors, stains, spots. I am honestly really impressed.

While in my Miele, there are almost no sud bubbles on the glass while washing or rinsing. I used line 1 or line 1.5 on the provided green measure cup.

Also for about $8-12 a box, depending on size...pretty cheap!

When ever I try Tide he powder, Bio Kleen or Charlies my stainless steel wash drum is coated, murky and powdery! Everytime. With the Tide with Bleach Powder, my wash drum is super shiny, bright and the machine and wash room smell light, fresh and old fashioned clean!!! :)

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Do you know the capacity of your washer, in cubic feet?

I have used Tide HE powder (no bleach, of course), and I really miss the Tide HE powder w/bleach which I used to use in my traditional washer. This is the ONLY thing I miss about that washer. :)

OTOH, I have been getting great results using Tide HE along with OxyClean in true hot water (courtesy of my washer's internal heater) when I wash white clothes and towels. So I may stick with that, using Tide HE powder.

I agree with you; the scent is wonderful -- just a good, clean scent with no weird or fruity tropical perfumes.

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It must be something with the water. My friend has a Miele W4842 and has used BioKleen with no issues at all. She has used Persil and Miele Care but prefers "greener" options. Another mystery ;)

I didn't check US but Tide in Canada (Tide HE, Tide Regular and Tide with Bleach) all have almost identical ingredients. Tide HE and Tide Regular have identical ingredients just in different concentrations. What could possibly be in the HE formula that causes problems for you?

I actually made a comparison chart for myself but I have no idea how to post it.

Since my latest disappointment in finding out my current Persil Sensitive is not the German formula, I'm thinking of trying Tide ... it's been years!

My only issue is, I donâÂÂt like a lot of fragrance (yes IâÂÂm one of the people that finds regular Persil too much) so IâÂÂd be tempted to try Tide Free but it only comes in liquid.

I miss the days when laundry seemed simpler :)

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@Mara...My Miele W4842 is 4.0 cu feet according to Miele. Yeah, the smell of the Tide with Bleach powder is really great. It is truly a clean detergent smell. No apple mango tango or tropical nonsense. I can't believe I almost like this Tide with bleach powder Original scent as much as Persil. My clothes, towels and sheets look and smell so great, and my laundry room smells old fashioned and clean.

@livebetter...Yes, honestly Everytime I use Tide he Powder, Charlies or biokleen my Miele honeycomb stainless drum looks awful. Biokleen powder and Charlies is the worst though...it must be the main ingredient of Soda ash. After a load with Charlies or Biokleen powder (hot water, warm water, cold, no heat, Sanitize...) the drum of my washer actually looks ruined. I need to either do a white vinegar wash (which I do not like to use) or a sanitize cycle with a Tide or Affresh tab or Clorox bleach. Tide he powder is not as bad as the above two, but still not good. I am aware that the Tide he Powder and Tide Powder with bleach formulas are very similar...but I just cannot use Tide he powder. The scent of the Powder with bleach is great!

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I hated the smell of regular Tide HE.........But Tide HE with a touch of Downy smells pretty good I think. I haven't tried the Tide (NON HE) with bleach though. I assumed it would suds up

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@mark40511...Tide even lists 'Suds Inhibitor' on the ingredients list for Tide with Bleach Powder Original Scent (non he). I have done many loads now, and there are no more tiny suds bubbles on the glass window inside my washer, compared to he detergent.

I am really impressed. Yes, the smell of Tide he Powder (while I like sometimes) is very perfumed and very strong. This Tide with Bleach smells SO great. Clean, crisp, and old fashioned. It does smell much stronger in the box than the clothes come out after using. It really is a classic, old time smell!!

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@larsi, aren't they both original scent?

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Tide he Powder Original Scent and Tide with Bleach Original Scent are NIGHT & DAY in terms of smell!!! Tide he Powder is perfumed, sweet and quite strong. While I actually kind of like it, it is VERY different from Tide with bleach powder Original Scent. The Tide with bleach is hard to describe...but it's soapy, green (Cyphre), old fashioned smelling. It is like old Oxydol mixed with Persil. Love it!!!

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I googled Tide He with bleach powder and came across Tide's website and it seems a lot of people are having a hard time finding it.........

Here in my area (Lexington KY city water) is moderately to very hard. Since having my Duet for almost six years and using several HE detergents, I have never seen the first bubble of suds, so I am one of the ones that could probably get away with using regular detergent in my FL without any issues, though I've never been brave enough to buy a big box of reg detergent to try it for fear that it would be wasted if I saw many sud issues.

I used Sears HE stain fighting formula for a LONG time and ran out and ran to the store and got a box of TIDE HE with a touch of Downy and I really like it since I don't like using liquid fab softener or dryer sheets.....Definitely a different smell that Tide HE original scent, though it is strong, there is only a faint smell at the end......I may just try this when I run out "if I can find it".......will let you know........I love the soapy clean smell of laundry rooms. I remember when my grandma used to use Purex Powder with the big picture of Niagra Falls on the front of the box. It smelled SO good. And the smell of Surf detergent when it first came out........STOP!!! I could have drank that stuff it smelled so good.

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@Larsi, on an older post (which I discovered today) you raved about the Miele Care Delicate detergent making your sheets wonderful and crease free. Is that "love affair" over? :)

I am considering trying some of the Miele Care products and just wondered what your current thinking is.

I would probably only try the sensitive powder and delicate liquid (I have a thing for over whelming scents).


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Larsi, what you are probably seeing is hard water minerals precipitating out of solution when you use those products. Anything that contains soda ash or sodium carbonate - they are both the same thing - will cause calcium to precipitate out of solution and settle onto your clothes and washer parts. This is particularly damaging to heating elements. When hard water is heated, calcium naturally precipitates out of solution. You will most likely see additional calcium carbonate build-up on your heating element as a result, which may shorten its life or inhibit its ability to effectively heat the water.

All versions of Tide Powder contain sodium carbonate, which is a precipitating water softener, so I'm surprised you are not getting the white powder coating when using Tide. It also contains sodium aluminosilicate (a form of zeolyte), so perhaps that helps with the precipitation issue. Tide Powder w/ Bleach also contains an additional enzyme (Amylase) not present in regular Tide Powder, which may explain why it cleans better for you. However, Tide Powder w/ Bleach contains the same amount of bleaching agent as regular Tide Powder - sodium percarbonate.

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@livebetter....I still think the Miele Care Collection Delicate detergent is awesome, and it made my sheets wonderfully fresh and crease free....but it is just too expensive for the size bottle and the amount needed per dose. It is just a pure, ultra luxury item!

@sshrivastava....I am noticing I am getting a little white powder residue from using Tide with Bleach powder, but nothing as much as Tide he powder, Biokleen or Charlies powder. You say that both Tide he powder and Tide with Bleach powder contain precipitating water softener...so why am I getting this ultra fine, soft white powder in my wash drum (only see and feel it, once the drum is dry). My clothes do not look powdery, in fact with using the Tide with Bleach powder, my clothes look bright and really clean. Am I hurting my Miele, with the white residue? Do I need to go back to Persil Gel or Ariel Gel? I have TONS, but am really liking this Tide with Bleach Powder. Thanks!!!

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A precipitating softener like sodium carbonate, which is the #1 ingredient in Tide Powder, will cause a powdery residue to form. A non-precipitating softener like STPP or citrate will neutralize hardness in suspension and you will not see a powdery residue. Zeolite neutralizes hardness without forming a precipitate, and zeolites are the #1 ingredient in Persil Megaperls as well as Tide HE Powder.

I'm guessing that if you switch back to Persil Megaperls or Tide HE Powder, the powdery residue should disappear. While you may not feel the residue in your clothes, you can bet it's building up on the metal parts of your washer - especially your heating element.

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Hmmm. I've been using Tide powder for almost a year and I have very hard water......In my machine, I can shine a flashlight in the drum and see the heating element. I don't see any sign of build up at all in the drum nor the tub.

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@larsi, my washer's capacity is 5.2 cu ft. Using powder Tide HE did not leave any residue in my washer drum. My water is not hard nor soft, but medium. I wonder what makes the difference?

@mark, my understanding has been that P&G does not make an HE powder formula of Tide w/Bleach. Is it actually available somewhere?

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larsi, I had meant to mention: My washer's tub is stainless steel too, so I don't know why there was no residue in mine.

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@ sshrivastava....You say:
"Zeolite neutralizes hardness without forming a precipitate, and zeolites are the #1 ingredient in Persil Megaperls as well as Tide HE Powder".

Tide he Powder is the biggest offender when it comes to white residue on my stainless wash drum. Well, actually Charlie's and Biokleen powder make the wash drum the murkiest and nastiest, but Tide he Powder leaves so much white, powder film...you can run your finger across the drum like on dusty wood furniture.

If Persil Megaperls powder also uses Zeolites, like Tide he Powder,.......I cannot understand why Persil Megaperls leaves my wash drum absolutely sparkling shiny and clean & Tide he Powder makes my wash drum horribly powdery and coated. SO odd. I just do not understand!

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@larsi: Well, since I'm not a chemist I can't really answer that question. Perhaps its time to go back to school and get another degree! :) On the other hand, it's possible that Persil has other ingredients that work in combination with the zeolites, or it may have less sodium carbonate than Tide HE. The chemical reactions must be far more complex than we can imagine. Persil does have a ton more ingredients than Tide HE, so I would point to that as one probable reason you aren't getting the white residue w/ Persil - it has a lot of other things in it than Tide HE.

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I don't see zeolite listed on the Tide list - does it have a different name?

Tide HE Powder - Original Scent

Sodium Aluminosilicate
Sodium Sulfate
Sodium Carbonate
Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate
Alkyl Sulfate
Sodium Percarbonate
Sodium Polyacrylate
Polyethylene Glycol 4000
Diethylenetriamine Pentaacetate (Sodium Salt)
Disodium Diaminostilbene Disulfonate
Palmitic Acid
Modified Starch

I do see it as Persil Megaperls first ingredient. I also see it present in BioKleen's formulas. Not first but farther down the list.

BioKleen Premium

Protein Digesters from Fermentations
Sodium Precarbonate
Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate)
Citrus Pectin Extract
Grapefruit Seed Extract
Sodium Sulfate
Low pH Silicates
Low pH Chelators

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Sodium Aluminosilicate = zeolite

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Ah ... why everyone can't use the same terms (it sure would make it easier).

I've never had a problem with Tide, Persil or BioKleen but I did manage to find a box of Seventh Generation Powder. CR said it cleans well.

Ugh ... I found little white things in my clothes and almost a "grit" on the glass door. I also swear it left white marks on some of the items and they look faded after just one wash.

I rewashed everything in BioKleen but it doesn't look/feel much better.

The SG ingredients don't seem much different from the BioKleen and yet ... very different wash experience. Frustrating â¦

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I found Tide with bleach orginal scent in both food lion and Walmart this am after I got off of work. Now I havent seen it in all Walmarts cause I have looked for it after reading this post. I picked up a box and will try it this weekend, in fact here shortly, I got work clothes to wash and that will be a good challenge for it. I hope it works out, not too many suds and so forth. I will do an udate when I use it here in the next few hours

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How much Tide w/bleach powder do yo use in a front loader like a LG 2277?

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as the first poster said on here, they started out with the first line and had good results, you have to experiement with it

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I did some bed sheets and white pillow cases. The pillow cases I did seperate only because I didnt want to to use hot water on the brand new colored sheets. The cases came out looking brand new which pleased me very much so. After they washed, I didnt notice a lot of scent left behind on them, certainly not like what the box smelled like, just a nice clean frangrance which is cool by me. I will keep using it to see how it goes, and if I like it enough, I will buy more of it once I go through my inventory of detergents LOL

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Gates1, did you buy the non-HE formula? If so, what type washer do you have? (I'm sure we've discussed that before, but my memory doesn't serve, lol.)

There are many WM's in my area, but only one Food Lion, and it's not convenient at all. As expensive as gas is, I'm not likely to go way out of my way just to see if they have a brand of laundry detergent. I could call them to ask, but I honestly don't think I'd be willing to drive that far (it would be at least 20 minutes each way, and traffic in that part of town is often very heavy) to buy it.

The HE powder scent is pretty strong (though not weird or tropical fruity), but I have found that using white vinegar in the final rinse cuts it pretty well. And when the laundry comes out of the dryer, I don't smell it at all.

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I bought the Tide powder with bleach orignal scent, it is not HE. At the beginning of this post, some said that the indregients had a suds, surpressor in it or sompthing like that. I find that one or two of the coffee scooups works in my washer according to load size and soil level. I have a 9 yr old Kenmore He3T. Drum capasity is 3.7 cu ft, and my washers uses 15.8 gallons of water per load. The ride resembles Persil in seem, just a nice clean scent that I have yet to find heavy of my clothes after they are washed and dried. I will continue to use it. BTW all my oily work clothes came out very well. I cant say that they were any cleaner, than if I used gain HE or Tide HE, but I was very satisfied with the results. My work clothes consist of Jeans, and Scrub tops, I got them cheap, and they work out great for work, wash good too, even on sanitary cycle right along with the jeans

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I recently purchased a 63 load box of Tide HE plus Bleach powder. Yes, the HE version. It was available at my local Walmart for about $12. After using it a few times I've noticed the following:

  • Doesn't whiten as well as Persil Universal Megaperls
  • Leaves behind a soft, pleasant, soapy scent
  • No sudsing issues at recommended doses
  • Rinses well

I certainly can't complain about this detergent - it works, rinses well, and leaves behind a mild, pleasant scent. This product will also remain low sudsing at higher temps, unlike its sister liquid Tide products. For those of us who suffer from "Persil madness", Tide HE plus Bleach powder is an excellent, lower cost alternative that delivers 90% of Persil's power at 1/4 the cost.

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Correction to the above... the detergent cost was around $9.

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