Need to locate krypton/xenon bulbs - same as halogen?

helouJune 10, 2013

I've got an Estiluz A1153 fixture which takes a 200 watt T3 118mm R7s krypton bulb.
The bulb came with the fixture, so I didn't see it when the electician installed it.
I want to buy a couple of bulbs to have available when this one burns out, but all I see are halogen bulbs. Is that the same as the krypton/xenon bulb the manufacturer specifies?
Are they interchangeable? Are there any differences between them?

These were expensive fixtures (I've got 4 of them) and I'd like to get the best, brightest, longest lasting bulbs.

Now that I know a little more about LEDs I'd love to have equivalents, but I don't see anything more than a 150 watt equivalent. It's a large area, and I need the most possible light.

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The only way to compare light output is to look at the lumens(or some other measure like candela) instead of the power consumed.
Many vendors (for both cfls and led) just give the power equivalent without a corresponding lumen number which may be considered deceptive.

Halogen bulbs run hotter than the regular incandescent bulb.

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As a rule , halogen bulbs must be in a double envelope, or surrounded with a glass enclosure.
Krypton lamps in North America are usually low wattage,60 watts or less and don't need any protection.
Perhaps these are European lamps.
Doulble envelope halogen lamps may do the job.

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