eye ball trim

sevenechoJune 21, 2009

I will be installing 5" recessed cans in the kitchen ceiling. The ceiling has a slight slope, 1" in 12", or about 4.75 degrees. Should I use regular trim, or consider eye ball trim so I can direct the light straight down? Any other considerations with regards to lamp options?

BTW, Lowes has the eyeball trims on sale for 10 bucks.

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Yes, and I tryed to put a bulb in that fixture at Lowes and it stuck way out. No wonder it is on sale. I got the recessed 5" can from HD because it is approved for insulation, even though I have no installation around it. I added the halo baffle (think h99RT) (lowes price matched less 10% compared to HD which was a lot cheaper on the baffle). But HD is the only one with that 5" recessed can. And N:Vision 23 watt CFLs from HD. Hope they do not burn out quickly.
Good Luck,

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Correction: baffle is the Halo 5001p.
Ask NormCLC what kind of small bulb you could use in that small fixture.

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