Lighting Plan for new construction

lniaJune 3, 2012


Below is our lighting plan. I would appreciate your thoughts. The one thing I know we are going to do is eliminate ceiling fans from bedrooms. Also, we are debating on the great room. DH does not want recessed lights due to loss of heat but I am not sure what are other options would be. I don't want a chandelier and I don't want light fixtures that you would find in bedrooms. Would appreciate any feedback.

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2nd floor...

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Is it new construction or rehab of an existing house? You talk about eliminating light fixtures which implies some are there already.

That's a lot of lighting for advice on. For the bedrooms where there were lighted fans you could just rely on table and floor lamps. Beyond that I suggest that you engage a lighting designer or at least a good sales person at a local lighting store for advice on not only the amount of light needed but also fixture design.

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Thanks. New construction. I will be eliminating the fans (from the plan) in the bedrooms.

My biggest concern is figuring out the great room lights. Right now the room shows recessed lighting but we are debating changing this. DH wants regular lights. I think this would not look nice. And I don't want chandelier. I have heard of track lighting but not sure if that would work in a room this size. I have also thought about scones throughout but not sure if they would provide enough visible light. Is recessed lighting really our best option for 2 story great room?

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I think for a 2 story great room you will need more than recessed lighting. I would use floor and table lamps to supplement. Put the recessed on dimmers.

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You could consider the use of cove lighting - along the perimeter of the room to provide indirect lighting.

If recessed lighting is still deemed necessary, use higher output lamps like the CreeLR6-DR1000 (1000 lumens). As an added bonus, those lights should be able to last > 15 years.

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