Lampe Berger Lamps

biraj01June 16, 2011

In 1898, the first fragrance lamp was created by Maurice Berger, a pharmacist. They were named Lampe Berger after him and became famous by that name. They were originally created to purify the air of hospital wards.The lamps are still widely popular. And why wouldn't they be? Their easy to use technique has kept their popularity alive even after hundred years. These lamps are multi functional i.e. they purify air, they burn to give light and they are delicate objects of beauty. Different from other multi functioning objects, this lamp performs its three duties extremely well. Other fragrance lamps will use sixteen ounces to only offer the customer about fifty five burnings with forty five minutes of light. These lamps will come in handy when aerosols and air conditioners fail, they are truly a great scientific invention.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lampe Berger Lamps

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