Good Washer/Dryer for Heavy Use?

blondie859111October 14, 2010


I am looking for a hard working laundry pair. We own a housekeeping cabin with 8 beds so I am constantly doing laundry. Would like to be able to sanitize, and would also love steam to keep wrinkles on cotton sheets at minimum. I would greatly appreciate any ideas. Thank you!

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What type of electrical service do you have in the laundry room? Is there a floor drain like in commercial laundries or is this a residential setup?

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If you can't go comercial I recommend 2 washer and dryers stacked side by side. to reduce the strain on the appliances and the person doing laundry

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I agree with jakvis. No matter what you do, something will go wrong sometime. With two pair, you'll have an efficient situation day-to-day and when something goes wrong with one of the machines you'll still be able to get by.

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Frigidaire FAFS4473LW 4.4 Cu ft Front Load Steam Washer with sanitation setting and extra extraction cycle. This machine provides the extra capacity, and energy settings you may require.

Whirlpool Duetî HE 4.4 cu. ft. I.E.C. Front-Load Steam Washing Machine (WFW9550W) is a good choice.

Remember, you are doing a commercial amount of laundry, you do need two machines in order to complete this amount of laundry with non-commercial machines. Your laundry room is also a consideration. Weight, clearance, etc. It should be located on a concrete slab and will require concrete for a rigid installation of any commercial machines.

The whirlpool machines have good reviews and the frigidaire machines have the most tested engineering.

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Interesting Speed Queen has no been mentioned.

Their machines are made for high throughput - unlike most residential units. Their regular wash cycle is 44 minutes. The AFB50R front loader also features a Boosted Hot setting. While not Sanitze-hot, its 140F is hot enough to kill dust mites and everything else lurking in sheets etc. These machines are also very easy to use - basically, you don't even need the user's manual.

Steam in the dryer is just to release wrinkles after the cycle is over if you left the clothes in for too long - it's not really intended to prevent wrinkles during the drying process. Also, Consumer Reports found most steam dryers to do a poor job at removing wrinkles using the steam option. With sheets, it's much more important not to overload the dryer. Again, Speed Queen has a stacked dryer that has plenty of capacity.

If the Speed Queens are out of your budget look at Frigidaire. The washers start with FAFS44... and the dryers with FAS...


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