Is there something special about LED light fixtures

grass-catJune 29, 2014

Is there something special about non-fully enclosed LED light fixtures that accept replaceable LED bulbs?

What's the difference between a non-enclosed light fixture that's specified for use with an LED bulb & the same exact-looking fixture that's specified for use with an incandescent or fluorescent bulb as the light source? The LED light fixture is the more expensive model.

I read that replaceable LED light bulbs can be used in existing light fixtures that can accept incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. However, if the LED bulb is used in a fully enclosed fixture, the life of the bulb may be reduced because of the trapped heat produced by the LED that is in the enclosed fixture.

So if replaceable LED bulbs can be used without issues in non-enclosed light fixtures, then why are manufacturers producing non-enclosed light fixtures that look the same, but one fixture is marketed for LED bulbs and the other, same-looking fixture isn't marketed with for use with LED bulbs? I don't understand, unless it's a fully enclosed fixture that is made especially to combat the problem of the LED bulb producing heat.

Thanks. I have no experience with LED lighting.

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For recessed lighting, the LED module can be used in place of an incandescent bulb (e.g. - BR30) without issues. If the recessed fixture was CFL with a built-in ballast, replacing the can and bulb could sometimes be a more viable solution than replacing the connector and bypassing the ballast.

The LED modules used in recessed lighting have been engineered for proper heat dissipation.

For surface mount fixtures, assuming that the E26 socket is used, an A lamp style LED bulb can typically be used.

For enclosed fixtures, the typical bulb used is an incandescent - std or halogen.

A LED only fixture at this point in time is designed such that the lights are expected to last quite a while and then disposed off.

Here is a link that might be useful: recessed LED lighting discussion

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