Is it worth it replacing Bosch Axiss with Miele or what?

nmcaOctober 23, 2012

I have a year old Bosch Axxiss washer and vented dryer. I am not happy with either.

The washer does not seem to perform as well as 20-year old Bosch FL I used to have. I tried different detergents, including Persil, adding sodium percarbonate, adding Borax, etc. Persil performs best, but I really dislike the smell, I prefer to use Free and Clear (Purex or any other). If Miele washes better, can I drop Persil and use "regular" run of the the mill Free and Clear for good results? And not have to run "Sanitize" as often (because other cycles do not quite clean as well)? Is there a Miele that just lets one set a specific temperature for wash and rinse and duration of the cycle? Or some other brand washer that allows that?

The dryer gets a single queen sized duvet cover tangled into a tight ball - every time (with dry exterior, wet center). I understand Miele dryer tumbles differently - would it avoid this problem?

Or would the incremental benefit of Miele to be too slim to deal with the hassle (and cost) and I should just stick it out with Bosch Axxiss? Should I research Asko? I do not need large capacity, Bosch Axxiss size is fine.

Would greatly appreciate your suggestions.

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IMO, the Miele probably will not perform well enough to justify the investment. I have the Miele set and they are nice machines, but the dryer is still gonna need attention as far as handling large items. Blankets and bedspreads still need to be turned and reset for additional drying time.

I would adjust your laundry habits to accommodate the Bosch set until they require service. Then I would evaluate a replacement.


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Which Bosch do you have? I've found the higher-end of the two currently-offered 240v models to work well (the 120v model is based on their older, smaller design). Their dryers, although I've never used one, seem to draw disappointing reviews - they're slow compared to 240V/30A or gas dryers, and they dropped the bidirectional tumble several years back (although there's quite a dispute as to whether that feature helps).

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I have been very happy with the performance of my 9 year old Bosch Axxis 2460. I now use Persil mind you. Over the years the motor was replaced due to worn out brushes. Now it is acting up and I fear it may be the control board. I am seriously considering not getting it fixed this time. Looking at the Miele W3033. I don't like the current Asko line - the better ones with induction motor have a ridiculous second door which I would find a nuisance. I am reluctant to get another Bosch - for one thing I don't like the plastic "fins" that are now inside the drum - mine has stainless ones. I have an option for a demo Miele W3033 for $1400 with full warranty which seems to be a good deal since the Bosch would cost me just as much. OTOH - I really like the profile wash and the 240V machine...don't get that on the Miele now. Nothing is as it used to be!

I would love to hear from others on the current thoughts of Miele vs Asko vs Bosch....

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To add to my post: I called Asko for technical info today. Got some receptionist type person who knew nothing and was clearly giving me false information regarding which of their models have a brushless motor and which do not. I think she did not know what brushes were....kept having to go off and every question I asked had to go and check with someone else. Also told me that there is no way I could use the Asko washer with its special plug unless plugging into an Asko dryer. I got upset and asked for someone to call me back which they did. They confirmed later that indeed the lowest model does NOT have an induction motor but also said had to use the dryer. I guess there may be a way to find a matching receptable for their washer plug but it would be an additional hassle. I also want an induction motor if at all possible and that only comes on the higher Asko models with the extra outer door which I do not want! Why is there no perfect washer?

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I have the Miele T9802(?) electric dryer. I generally have to check bedspreads and queen-size sheets to un-ball them and redistribute. This dryer is waaaaay better than my previous conventional Whirlpool dryer, in this respect, but not perfect. I don't know if any dryer would not roll extremely large items into a ball; that is the nature of large pieces of fabric.

I cannot tell you if the Miele washer does a better job because this is our first-ever FL washer. Our W4842 does a good job, uses very little water and I dare not use more than 1 Tbsp of detergent.

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@ buffalotina - The Asko washer does plug into the dryer, the reason for this is to allow both units to run off a single 220v receptacle. I don't know if there is an adapter that would allow you to plug it into the wall, but you most certainly will not be able to use a 110v outlet - it will have to supply 220v.

I had the Asko W6767 for about 7 years, I loved it. If you buy a matching set with Asko dryer, your power connections will be greatly simplified. The Asko dryer, however, will ball up your sheets just like the Bosch. MIele dryers are the only ones I'm aware of that will actively reverse tumble during the drying cycle to ensure the clothes do not ball up. I have the larger Miele W4842 and T9802 dryer. My sheets never ball up in the new Miele dryer - it's big and it reverses.

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@ buffalotina - if you have a four-prong 240 volt/30 amp dryer outlet of the type usually used for American dryers, you can plug an Asko (or Bosch) 240v washer into the box below and plug it into the wall to power your washer. This box has two 240V/15A outlets (which take a small plug with two horizontal prongs and a third round peg for grounding). Each is protected by a 15 amp circuit breaker. It allows you to plug either one or two 240v/15a appliances into a standard 120/240v/30a US dryer outlet. Look at the pictures to see if they look like your washer plug and your dryer outlet.

Here is a link that might be useful: 240v 15 amp plug to dryer outlet converter

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Thanks very much sshrivastava and lee676. Yes, I was fully aware that the Asko was 220/240V - that was actually the appeal. My current failing Bosch is 220V and I do like the strong heater. Miele 120V is a downgrade in that respect....So my current Bosch is plugged into a receptacle with the two horizontal flat prongs. Believe it may be NEMA 6-15. I have big gas dryer that I am not going to replace. A long while back I gave up my standard dryer outlet and converted it to the outlet for the Bosch machine. Now I looked at the plug on the Asko and it is NOT like the Bosch plug: the two flat prongs are at right angles to each other which makes me think it may require a NEMA 6-20. In any case, Asko is ruled out for me for various other reasons which is a shame.

I am pretty much left with only the 120V Miele checking most of my boxes!

For now the Bosch is basically running most cycles....I am taking a breather and seeing how it goes. But I will need to replace it soon!

Thank you all again!

PS I do wonder why on earth Asko would insist on the phone you cannot plug machine into wall.....that could hurt their sales. I prefer the setup of small Euro machine with big American style gas dryer. Probably I am in the minority...

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So my Bosch WFR2460 washser just stopped mid load again..full of water, lights and display flashing. I had to enter the service mode, which I now know so well, to use the drain pump test program to empty it....Then began a new quick wash cold cycle to to simulate a rinse and spin to get the laundry out. That failed...service mode again to drain. Now on a quick cotton wash to see if I can get that to complete.
I think I am going to call my dealer tomorrow and order the W3033, new in box, gulp, over the phone. Looks like this Bosch is going under real fast....I was almost just testing it thinking I was pulling the plug on it prematurely...but now I don't think so.

Ironically a friend of mine who I was venting to about it then just had her 3 year old Bosch Nexxt 500 drum stop turning or spinning...I got the service manual and we ran the diagnostics and it looks like her motor control board is dead. That was a $1000 machine 3 years ago! I am just not going to put over $500 into a new board for my Bosch...Need to cut my losses on move on...hopefully to a higher place with Miele.

I figured out I bought my Bosch 9 years ago for ca. $1200. Have done ca $600 in repairs. That is $1800 for 9 years.....I am sure if I had bought the Miele back then it would still be running fine...AND it would have been one of the good ole 240V machines!!!!

Stay tuned!

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I'm surprised to hear such horror stories about Bosch. It's unfortunate that when it comes to quality, there are not many choices outside of Miele. I will never, ever buy an Asian washer/dryer with its crappy build quality and planned self-destruction.

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This is another 240v option:

and a second one that is a combination washer/dryer:

I've seen the second one and IIRC correctly it had the Bosch-style 6-15P plug. Build quality looked quite good. But the parts/service support in the US isn't very strong.

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Also, I have a gas dryer too - considerably faster than the 240v/15A Bosch dryer and a bit roomier too, and cheaper to run in my area.

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Thank you everyone! I decided to stick with my gas dryer after considering running costs and environmental impact. But can report I ordered the Miele W3033 yesterday! Bosch is still stalling mid cycle and will have to go. Would have loved a 240V Miele but hoping still that this one will give good service and good enough washes....wish Miele had not dumbed down but still hoping it is the best build quality and wash quality...

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nmca, and everyone else, please read the post "meile rumor . . . getting out of US washers?" for answers to your Bosch and Miele questions. VERY informative.

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Yes, Miele is out of the big washer market but still offers the smaller Euro machine, albeit in the dumbed down 120 V version...

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