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nerdyshopperJune 26, 2012

I am fed up with the CFL bulbs that are supposed to last for thousands of hours but get dim after only 1 or 2 thousand. Have been considering switching to LED bulbs in our kitchen snd counter area. But I don't really know anything about them. Do they really last long enough to justify their high price? They cost about 5X the cost of CFLs. Also do they put out the light specified? We use 90 to 100 watt equivalent CFLs.

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The link below should be helpful. The best choices today are either the CREE CR6/ CR4 or the Sylvania RT6/ RT4 (second place).

Here is a link that might be useful: LED recessed lighting

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nerdy, are you talking about recessed lights?

You may want to over-design the available initial lumens, and perhaps put them on dimmers. The LEDs usually specify lifetime until they are down to 70% of rated value (actually, until half of them are down to 70%, which means some will be dimmer), which may be a bit dim if you start with just enough.

The products davidtay mentioned are the best bang for the buck, have a good reputation, and dim well. These are fairly equivalent to a 60W incandescent flood. Depending on the can trim you have on your "100W" CFLs, the LEDs may put out more light than actually makes it out of your can right now.

Cree has announced a version of the CR6 that puts out 800 lumens (standard CR6 is 575), supposedly available by August, price unknown. I plan to use those over my kitchen island, and standard CR6 elsewhere.

The CR6 is marketed through Home Depot as the Ecosmart ECO-575L. Assuming you ARE talking 6" canned lights, I suggest that you buy one to try out and see how you like it.

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Thanks for the information and link. That thread is so long I gave up before the end--ha! I have existing old cans that were used in 1980 when my house was built. No chance to remodel so spacing and local are fixed... Three over the pass-through kitchen counter where we eat and spaced around the kitchen near the upper cabinets. 90 watt GE Miser incandescents barely gave enough light for good visibility. They are on dimmers but we never use them. I will go to the Home Depot site and see what I can find out about their ecosmart LEDs. Thanks

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I went to the Home Depot site and they have a PAR 38 medium base bulb that is 24 watts (125 watt equivalent). It is 3000 warm. However the reviews on site are mixed with numerous users saying they failed within a couple of months. I'm worried about quality control of these Ecosmart bulbs.

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The ECO-575 comes from Cree, which is most likely not the same source as the other Ecosmart bulbs.

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That 24 watt PAR38 LED labelled Ecosmart is from Lighting Science.

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Looks like I'll have to wait then. I definitly need more lumens and my cans are for 6" bulbs (actually 5"). I went to the Cree site and couldn't find anything.

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Cree, annoyingly, doesn't make a 5" LED downlight.

I'm considering these new Philips BR30 LED bulbs for 5" applications. They're just starting to show up in HD stores for $27, replacing an older design that was less bright and 3000K. The new one has a more streamlined appearance, is brighter (730 lumens), and has an incandescent-matching 2700K color. It uses 13 watts and is dimmable. But they don't give specs for CRI, which is worrisome. There's a larger BR40 version too, and I think a smaller BR20. Has anyone tried these?

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