Will I get less light by using 4' LED vs 6'?

zzttJune 8, 2011

I am new to lighting and need help. My contractor suggested 6" LED recessed light in the kitchen and there are eleven of them. Kitchen size is 14'3" X 11' 3". I want to use 4" because it may look better. However, will I get less light if using 4" instead of 6"?

For the bedroom, my contractor called for 6" Halo RL7 recessed lights. Yet I like the warm light of halogen. Can I replace it with 4" low voltage halogen and get the same amount of light? Any suggestion for which halogen brand I should choose? Thanks.

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The short answer is most likely yes.

Low voltage lighting would be more directional if the bulbs are MR16.
4" cans, low voltage lights also cost more.

I would not pick Halo LED lights because of the glare from the exposed LED element unlike the CREE and Sylvania lights.

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I concur, the Halo LED is garbage. Just another company trying to rush an inferior product out there before it's ready. The Cree, Bruck, and a few other LED lights are far better than the 4 inch low voltage halogen, and I like the 4 inch halogens. The biggest beam spread you can get is a 60 degree bulb, but with the Cree, you can get a LR-6 to spread 150 degrees.

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