4' or 6' LED recessed lights in kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom?

zzttJune 5, 2011


I need some advice about lighting for my remodel and addition project. My architect suggested 6" LED recessed lights for kitchen, and fluorescent recessed for bedrooms & bathroom.

According to the plan, there will be ten recessed lights in the kitchen. I am not crazy about having ten big holds in the ceiling. Do you think using 4" will look much better? Yet the cost of 4" Halo is almost double compare to the 6".

Besides, I hate the look the CFL. Therefore, I am considering use LED or low voltage halogen instead in the bedrooms and bathrooms. 4" or 5" are still preferable. Since there are only four to six recessed lights in the bedrooms, do you think 6" may look OK?

Do you think the 4" worth the extra money? Thanks.

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Depending on how big or how the kitchen is shaped, I can't say how many 6 inch LED cans to use, but the use of 6 inch LED cans is a great idea. I would also use them all over the house if you can afford to do so. It looks better to have the same lights throughout typically. The 4 inch LED's don't have the beam spread at the moment in LED form to be useful in some areas, but the 6 inch does. The 4 inch is not worth the extra money and the Halo LED cans are junk. CFL's are terrible. Don't use them anywhere if you can so help it. Where are you going to get the lights?


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I also forgot, the color of the kitchen, cabinets, floors and walls and counters will all play a part in how many lights you may need. Darker kitchens would need more light, therefore redesigning a kitchen for a color is sometimes needed over a lighter color kitchen.


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I have 11 ft. ceilings and put in a row of 3 4" LEDs and they give plenty of light. I usually dim them down a bit. They are warm rated, not quite as warm as a halogen but turned down a little they are really nice. I"m sorry but I can't remember the brand.

The kitchen has LED undercab lighting, a incandescent chandelier over the island and florescent light in the cover above the cupboard so there is varied sources of light in the kitchen; I don't rely soley on the LEDs for light, but when they are all that is on in the kitchen they still give off alot of light. At least for me, 6" cans would be too big, unattractive and put out too much light.

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The problem with all of this lighting is that each one is more than likely different color rendering from each other. If you could post a photo of everything, that would really help. Well with 6 inch cans, you can dim them down, and keep them at a certain level. The 4 inch cans don't give out as good of a beam spread and there are not a lot of good choices for 4 inch LED cans other than the Cree lr-4 and a few other brands, but their pretty pricey. If you think 6 inch cans are too big and unattractive, you have ruled out the best lighting choice for your kitchen. Every client that has used these lights loved the looks and performance. http://www.halogenlighting.com/led-recessed.html


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