Kitchen lighting help, please - plan attached

katkatfJune 15, 2011

Chugging along with a kitchen remodel. Installed 2 CR6s by the back door and the eating area. Boy, are they bright! They provide much more light than I thought they would, which has me wondering about how many more do I need and what's the placement for the rest of the kitchen.

Here's the layout and one possible plan; I had been planning on spacing the additional ones approximately 4 to 5' apart, but that seems like overkill. The best I could come up with is this:

The red squares are the CR6s already installed, the blue squares are one possible layout for the rest. The circles are planned pendants, and there will be LED under cabinet lights under all the upper cabinets. The cans over the island will be my task lighting for that work area. The total kitchen area is approximately 14' x 13'. Oh, and I just realized; there is a ceiling mount fixture in the walk in pantry I forgot to include on my drawing.

A couple of reasons I'm not in love with this plan:

- I don't think there is enough light for the pantry cabinet. But if I add another can there, it might be too close to the one between the fridge and the cook top. And where exactly would I put it?

- There isn't a real pattern to the layout - a lot of the lights don't line up with each other. Or shouldn't I worry about that?

What I'm struggling with - how do I get good, general lighting throughout the kitchen and have it look good?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

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It looks like you need one in front of the pantry cabinet and fridge.

You should be able to get things to work with the number of cans planned for.

Figure out where your ceiling joists are first.

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Thanks davidtay; that is what I was thinking, I was just concerned that might be a little jammed to add one there. The ones at the island need to stay as they are to be the island task lighting. And I like the idea of having some by the front edge of the primary work spaces on the perimeter counters, even though I have the undercab lights going in too. Good point about the ceiling joists, we'll have to look at that.

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