Recessed lighting for family room

ksd51June 6, 2009

My contractor has put in 6 inch recessed cans for my family room. We have a ceiling fan light as well. What is the best type of bulbs to use? We want a bright light, but natural looking. Contractor tried very bright bulbs, had almost a blue cast. It was too stark, and yet the ceiling was shadowed even with the ceiling fan light on. (Fan light is covered with plastic right now. Don't know how much difference it makes with the plastic on). Do not know if a ceiling is usually shadowed unless you have additional lighting ie: lamps on end tables. Would appreciate any recommendations. I do know that I do not want to use compact flourescent bulbs. Our walls are a very muted yellow. Did notice that without the very bright light the walls look almost gold. We would prefer if possible to retain the muted yellow without having the light too bright Any suggestions would be very helpful.

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Forgot t mention I have an 8 foot ceiling. Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

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Just thought of another factor. The way the lighting is right now, I have a scalloped effect on the walls. What causes that? How do I rectify the situation?

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Scalloping is a function of the distance from the wall.
Once installed, getting rid of that scallop is nearly impossible.
If you don't want to use CFL's , I reccommend trying Satco's "soft par" lamps. which will provide a little more horizontal light, and soften the starkness of the halogen lamps, and perhaps lessen the scallop effect.
By dimming your light bulbs, you will get a yellower light, and lenghten the life of your bulbs twofold

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Thanks for your thoughts. I will look into your recommendations

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