Installing recessed over dining area

moodycurveJune 3, 2011

The lighting for my dining area consist of a ceiling fan w/4 bulbs. I am going to remove the fixture and replace with 4" recessed lighting. My question is - how many recessed lights should be installed over dining area?

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Over a formal dining table I usually use two adjustable MR16 low voltage pin-hole spots on a dimmer switch in order to greatly reduce the diners' awareness of the light source and also avoid shadows. I suppose for a very long table with a low ceiling you might be able to use three.

By using narrow, medium or wide beams it is possible to focus the light on the table top and avoid lighting the tops of heads.

If there are other parts of the dining room that need light (like walls, artwork, sideboards, other furnishings, etc) those should be on a separate dimmer switch.

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Thank you for the response. How far apart should these two lights be (I will not be able to use the opening where the ceiling fan is now) - 3 or 4 ft?

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You really should have a size of the room when asking what you need. Small tables should only need 2 or 3, but larger tables in bigger rooms would require more. I always typically use a 60 degree bulb in these rooms on a good dimmer to control lighting. If you use a 4 inch can, you can put in trims that can focus lighting in certain areas. 4 inch low voltage lights are very nice, and installed correctly, can yield awesome results. But I would want pictures or at least the size area used to determine what's best. I always work better with photos than dimensions though.


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