Do people just use kitchen sinks and faucets in the laundry room?

pumpkinhouseOctober 16, 2013

I'm not finding a ton of options for sinks and faucets that are specifically for a laundry room. Is this because people use kitchen sinks and faucets?

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In some cases people use a free-standing laundry sink, but if you have room for cabinets and countertops a nice kitchen sink and pull-out faucet looks better.

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Yes, that's what I meant, built in cabinets and sink.

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Yes! So happy that we went with this option.
The ergonomics are so much better (no more hunching over washing out paint rollers and trays!), it looks so much nicer and cleaner, and it is so functional for soaking dirty clothes!
I searched long and hard for something both big enough and economical enough for my smallish laundry reno. I thought at first I wanted a larger sink and thought I wanted it pretty deep, but am so happy with my 20x20x8d overmount. More than enough room to soak father-son white baseball pants in oxyclean!

Just for kicks, here's my teeny tiny laundry room reno:

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