Counter height.

jcranberryOctober 27, 2010

Would it be better to have some of the counter in the laundry room at desk height? For folding laundry.

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If it's a comfortable height for you, do it.

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Kind of depends on what you do when you fold laundry.

If you shake the garments and "air-fold" them and put them into laundry baskets for delivery elsewhere, then lower might be better.

If you sit and fold on a surface, then desk height would be good.

If you stand and fold on a surface, then higher than counter top might be better,depending on your height.

Take an ironing board out and adjust it to determine the perfect height for whatever "folding" chore you do.

I'm quite short, so my fold-on surface is about 34" above the floor(2 inches less than typical counter height). I have a lower wide shelf that holds the laundry baskets to stack the folded stuff in. I also have a higher folding shelf (about 39") that my tall DH uses for folding. We both fold while standing.

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