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zeitgastJanuary 31, 2013

Hi all need some help (again). The measurements came in for the kitchen we are re-doing in a small beach house kitchen. Space is limited so we need to make a trade-off decision between the width of the cabinets and the width of the refridgerator.

Planning on doing mostly drawers for the base cabinets to store cookware. We are limited to 27" base and wall cabinets if we go with the 36" fridge. Alternatively we could go with 30" cabinet widths if we trade off for a 30" fridge (would likely go with the 30" w 84" h Thermador in that case).

Which do you think would be the better choice? The house will be occupied year round by my father-in-law and we plan to spend 2-3 months there in the summers with occasional wknd visits. Have 3 kids in tow and lots of family in the area.

There is no pantry so we will be storing that stuff in drawers (?) in the island. Island will also have a 24" microwave drawer. So concerned about storage in general but food storage in particular. thx for your thoughts!

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Sophie Wheeler

How much cooking does your FIL do? Is he by himself, or will he have some help with the home and cooking? How much actual cooking will you do at the beach? Will you mostly grill? What about beverages? I usually just fill the fridge with assorted beverages and maybe grill the catch of the day. No making lasagna etc. A 30 fridge is fine for a couple of people. It's even fine for a family visiting the beach as long as that family doesn't plan to cook 17 batches of cookies for a fundraiser along with a leg of lamb and a giant dish of spanikopita. If you DO plan to do that much cooking on a regular basis then the 36" fridge is probably better for that.

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Fori is not pleased

How does it tie into the rest of the house?

Anyway, not only would I go with the wider fridge, I'd replace one of the wall/base cab combos with a pantry cabinet. If someone DOES want to bake cookies, that's what the island is for. (This would probably require an adjustment of stove/sink/DW of course.)

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any place for a secondary beverage fridge[which would allow more space in the regular fridge]... or a small freezer that you can use for the stretch of time you are there??...perhaps unplug it when your heavy season of visiting is over. We are impressed by the farmers markets and local foods all around our setting and I love freezing things[and I don't mean bringing frozen things frome home] and then use them up over the next couple of seasons of visits. A predominately one person household doesn't warrant the big fridge but there is that swelling over the summer with visitors. I really dislike stocking up on canned stuff and grocery store ordinary this n that. You can make waffles and pancakes with fruits and freeze them/there will be local bread from local bakery/etc. The local stuff may be better and you can get it/use it and not have to "stock up." vacation or 2nd homes are an opportunity to do things a little differently which makes the whole experience a lot more interesting.

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Depends on how you use the cottage. If you like to bring up lots of ready to go options go 36. If you go local and leave little behind a 30 is enough.

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Thanks all

Hollysprings yes he lives alone and will have his own IL suite equipped with a kitchenette (sink, fridge, mv and induction hob). He can venture up stairs to the main kitchen anytime but he's not that interested. We tend to cook far more on vacation and when we have company that prefer more adventurous fare than hot dogs, chicken fingers etc. Drinks are pretty simple for us-- water, coffee, beer and wine and the kids get milk or water (because we are "so mean"). A cooler and some ice can cover other stuff I suppose

fori opens to DR/LR and hallway. Would love a pantry cab but the windows on the sink bank don't give us space but for a base cabinet. Been back and forth on ROTS vs drawers in the island but I think we are leaning towards drawers.

Herb and Dan we really don't use our freezer for much-- toaster waffles, pizzas and ice cream now and again and lots of ice packs for when the boys get boo boo's (often!)

I guess what is most concerning is how much cookware we will be able to fit into 4 drawers flanking the range. Considering a 3d set up 6" top and 2 9" below-- checked our pots and they seem to fit fine height wise but 27" bases have something like 23" of lateral space. Maybe it's time to make some cardboard mock up drawers

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