Bianco Antico granite -- fragility issues?

athorneburgJanuary 3, 2011

I have reserved my slabs, but continue to research this granite, and have talked to my fabricator... I get the feeling this granite is considered fragile compared to say Absolute Black. Has anyone had any issues with flaking and chipping? Also I notice that few people's pictures show countertops with the OGEE edge profile, instead I mostly see a basic edge. Any reason? Is it due to additional cost, personal preference or is is due to the fragility issue?

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i have it. it is more fragile than other stones. it does not feel like smooth glass (has fissures & imperfections). i think most people w/it get the straight edge because it's a fairly contemporary stone and the basic edge is a more contemporary clean look. i happen to love it.

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Mine has a Long Ogee edge on the island. Only did the eased edge on the perimeter for cost issues. After splurging on this stone, I couldn't splurge on this edge everywhere. My fabricator suggested doing it this way because when someone comes into the kitchen, the first thing they see is the island and that fabulous edge. Automatically they are fooled into thinking that this is the edge everwhere. It really is true.

I don't know if it's any more fragile than other stones. My fabricator certainly didn't express any concern to me about it. He did let me know about certain marble slabs being fragile.

srg215's comments about the surface not being smooth is something to consider. I have no issues with my slabs not being smooth as glass. I always have accepted them as part of nature, a product of the Earth. Some people are shocked that their slabs have rough spots. I guess if someone wants a counter to be totally smooth and perfect, maybe something man made is a better choice. For me? I love my Bianco Antico and would choose it again.

Here's my island:

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