led bars/led strips or t4 fluorescents ?


I was all set on using Philips eW Powercore for UCL & possibly fluorescents for cove lighting...until I received the estimate. I knew Philips were expensive. Since I have some other electrical work to do I may reconsider. The electrician suggested Hitlights double density LED strips mounted in a protective plastic box/tube. Is anyone familiar with this product ? I need task lighting, ambient lighting is secondary.

2 runs of 7ft each

UCL price breakdown mat. & labor:

1) T4 Slim Fluorescents no dimmer-UCL & cove $1500.

2) HitLights LED double density LED strips no dimmer UCL & cove $1700.

3) UCL Philips Powercore on dimmer :$1800 & cove lights(I think fluorescent) $600 no dimmer

$3500 total using UCL Philips & cove fluorescents

$2725 total using UCL & cove fluorescents

$2900 total using UCL & cove LED strips

(Total price incl. installation of 2 dimmers for pendant lights & a fan, add GFI outlets, DW outlet,move switch box, install fan)

Better to stay w/ direct wire fluorescents since they are easy install and cost effective ? Also they would be easy to swap out later for LED bars.

Thank you for your opinions.

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I am using LED strip lights for my cove lighting (40 feet in the kitchen and 56 feet in the living room). I am probably going to use the single density (18 3528 LEDs per foot, about $1 per foot), and two strips -- cheaper than one double-density strip. Similar cheap supplier to Hitlights, LEDwholesalers.com. I'm using a Magnitude 150W dc transformer for the kitchen, and a Technomagnet 300W one for the living room, and magnetic low-voltage dimmers. I'm using the Lutron MFRD-6ND-120 dimmer, which is pricey, but it allows dimming from multiple locations, as well as by RF remote.

I didn't have the time/energy to find a cheap LED solution for undercounter, so I am using hardwired GE fluorescent lights, which are approximately $20 per foot.

No idea what my contractor is charging for install. I'll be doing the LED strip install, but he will wire up the 3-way dimmers to the transformers and run the low voltage wires to the coves, and the 120V for the UCL fluorescents.

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Thanks for your input.
I'm going with the double density LED strips from Hit lights. They cost little more than the Fluorescents and I won't need a light rail.

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