New GE LED 100w bulb replacement

lee676May 13, 2012

First at least from a major manufacturer - a fairly omnidirectional LED bulb that's as bright as a 100w incandescent bulb (1600 lumens). 25,000 hour rated life. It's dimmable, but only 80 CRI and 3000K. And it draws 27 watts, which is slightly more than a 100w-replacement CFL. But unlike the current Philips 75w replacement, this one is no larger than a standard 60 to 100 watt (A19) bulb.

Won't be available til first half of 2013 though.

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Hard to tell from the picture but my guess it is will not offer the same consistency of coverage that other bulb technologies will. That's an ongoing problem with current LED bulb designs. The GE bulbs appears to offer some improvement but in a fixture that needs consistent coverage I think the base side will be noticably dimmer.

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Looks a lot like the Switch light bulb. IFAIK, still vaporware but supposed to be available to residential consumers real soon now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Switch Light Bulbs

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The Switch prototype throws light outward, but not upward. And as you noted, it's vaporware from a startup company that may or may not actually be able to get the things into production anytime soon.

The current 40w-replacement GE LED is probably the most omnidirectional LED bulb out there, although those futuristic-looking Philips bulbs are quite good at spreading light in all directions in most lamps.

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This one from Intematix looks interesting - nearly omnidirectional, 100w equivalent, 2700K, 90 CRI, smaller than A19 bulb. This is if it ships this year at a reasonable price.

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