Miele or Electrolux or something else?

me1abOctober 27, 2011

Hi everyone, this is my first post on gardenwebs.

So the wife and I are in the market for our very first w+d. I like the super capacity mieles for their construction but they seem small in capacity compared to the electrolux EWFLS70JSS models. The electrolux also has that push to open door which seems annoying. So I'm kinda leaning towards the miele. Here's the catch: I can get the electrolux from my brother in law who works for chain store at cost ($1150 for washer and $1200 for dryer). The miele I have to pay msrp ($1600 washer and $1200 dryer)

Which route should we go? I'm open to other brand suggestions but these two brands seem to be highest quality.

About us:

-Newlyweds who can afford it (been saving cash by living with in-laws)

-Will be looking to have kids soon so capacity is a factor (thinking cloth diapers)

-Will be in the basement in new house, but new house is temporary for now so may go on a second level eventually. (new house is rented house)

-Thinking of going with an electric dryer but could go gas (have hookups for each)

We want these units to last a long time. I can buy the miele extended warrenties but the electrolux would have to be in the bro-in-law's name if I get the warranty from his chain store place of employment.

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I would go with the Electrolux.
If it fails (or fails too soon) you have the bro-in-law's name to throw around for service or maybe even return and then you can get the Miele's.
(These are, by the way, the only machines I would consider to buy my self).

Best of luck!

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Sorry if it's obvious...but I don't understand which one you "consider to buy myself"

You prefer the Miele or Electrolux?

The electrolux looks awesome but I feel that the mieles are the better machines.

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Oh sorry...I like both of these machines but lean more toward the Electrolux.

The Electrolux WaveTouch is very versatile with many wash settings and sub menus options.
So does the Miele for that matter.
The Electroluxes are huge, both the washer and dryer drums.
I really can't find many complaints about the Electroluxes and their customer service is really nice and prompt (I don't even own one yet but I have e-mailed them a few times, with a fast response).

The only thing about the Miele's is that the dryer (electric) is already hard wired with a four prong plug Since you can't swap out the plug like you can on every dryer for either a "direct connect", 3 prong, 4 prong outlet. I would have to update the service outlet for the dryer. Meaning run new 4 wire and receptacle from electric panel to dryer. (3 wire with ground all in one). Link below to show the only wiring Miele electric dryers use.

What I don't like about the Miele's is that they seem to have longer wash times. In the video links below you can see how the Miele keeps adding more and more water in steps and farther into the cycle where the Electrolux pretty much fills it in one shot. Even though they are using different cycles with different amounts of clothes, those extra steps add time.

Both machines (which I like) don't seem to pussy foot around when it comes to getting into the spin cycle. Some machines can take forever trying to make the balance perfect before going into a full speed spin.

You can see the Electrolux in action on Youtube here:

Miele here:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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"In the video links below you can see how the Miele keeps adding more and more water in steps and farther into the cycle"

The youtube link shows the Denim/Jeans cycle. I've never used that cycle on my Miele W4842 because, based on my research, there is no intermittent spin between rinses. Seriously. (And ... why? But I digress...)

On all the other cycles I have used, which is almost all of them except "Normal", all the wash water is loaded at the beginning.

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@cavimum, I think it has something to do with creasing the denim (those white lines denim can get). They're very into their denim and fashion in Europe you know ... ;)

I own the Miele so I'm going to tell you Miele for sure over the Electrolux. It's funny, when I was doing my (year long) research, I ruled Electrolux out early in the game. They seemed "cheap" to me (controls etc). Also, I couldn't stand the push to open doors - would drive me crazy.

They also rank fairly low on Consumer Reports (not that that's the be all - just sayin').

FWIW, my sales guy works at a place that sells more Miele than anyone in Canada (they also sell every other brand). He's even been to Germany to see production first hand. He said absolutely nothing compares/is built like Miele. He told me if everyone could see inside the machines they would see what they are paying for with Miele.

You have to own the Miele to appreciate all its little nuances that make it pretty cool (in my opinion).

I attached my favourite video for your review.

We are a family of 4 (including two boys 9 and 5). The Miele is large enough for any regular load I've done. When I was deciding, I decided to forgo a little extra drum space for (what I hoped would be) excellent performance and durability.

Good luck with your decision.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele - The Art of Laundry Care

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Forgot to link you to this thread. A regular poster (Larsi) went from Miele to Electrolux and back to Miele. You can read all about it.

He still has the Miele and is still raving about it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Excited/Embarassed/Surprised....I returned to Miele

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There is a reason....
On my Casual and Color cycle, there is no spin between rinses except before the final rinse. The purpose is to reduce fabric wear/color fading. Every time clothes put into the spin cycle, water is being extracted and color of the garment is slowly going down the drain.

Detergents is the first step in fading clothes, improper water temperature is the second step in fading, the spin cycle is the third step, and a very hot dryer is the fourth step in fabric wear. Combine all four and your new garment you've brought today will look old and used in six months.

Georgect I must correct you, the Electrolux will fill in increments!
It's a slow fill process allowing the detergent to be most concentrated at the start of the wash before stepping up the into the wash cycle and it will add more water to the tub if the load absorb the majority through out the wash cycle. It varies from load to load!

The most important thing in purchasing a washer, what is the size of your largest bedding in your house and go by that.
Forget about brand name, it's about what fits inside!
Check reviews from several big boxed stores for pros and cons and then check with Consumers report (taken with a grain of salt) for their ratings and then check with actual owners from forum sites like this for best advise when you pinpoint which make and model you've chosen before purchase!

All machine's will have problems during the life of the machine and some come up in the first 5 years and others within 15-20 years mark or even longer.

Think outside the box, go by needs and not by wants!
I do want the matching dryer for my washer but I don't need because I have two perfectly units that been service free since ownership....
The beige dryer in the video is a kenmore 1982 or 84 electronic electric ebay special and the black dryer is natural gas from 1996 brought new by me.

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@cleanteamofny - Good point about the lack of interim spins on the denim cycle, and loss of color. But that raises another question. Seems to me the interim spin helps remove the soapy water held in the fabrics. Wouldn't such a cycle require more rinses? I haven't used it on my machine, so I don't know.

My "Comforters" cycle has no interim spin between rinses, so I always give it an extra rinse and watch the water for any suds in the water. I use that cycle for queen-size quilts and a Q/S matelasse bedspread, because there is a little more water in the cycle and rinse. There is only the final spin, so I end up running extra rinse/spin cycles, especially with that matelasse fabric. It loves to hold the detergent and water.

(I'm still on the FL washer learning currrve)

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100% go with Miele. Yes, yes the Electrolux W & D are bigger, but the Miele will swallow most loads perfectly, and their Comforters Cycle will handle large and bulky loads beautifully!

The Electrolux push to open doors are AWFUL. Not only do they feel cheap, but when I shortly strayed from Miele....the Wave Touch door on our Electrolux dryer arrived sticking.

The Electrolus buttons are thin, shiny plastic chrome buttons that seriously cannot feel cheaper. Dreadful.

I appreciate the size and options offered on the Electrolux, but sheer build quality and the best materials in the world for a washer and dryer are more important to me. The Mieles can be quirky sometimes...but they have never failed me. They are not flawless (nothing is!!), but they are amazing!!!!

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@Cavimum, the learning curve is a long process and takes time to perfect, Martha Steward comes to mind?! :-))
The Lux does not have a comforter cycle so I have to wing it and I do agree that no spin between spin holds more suds than when spun. To counter that action a sour rinse would be needed. Filling the bleach dispenser Min or Max with vinegar will reduce the PH in detergent before final rinse so that may help for that area of the cycle that does not spin in between rinses. I've used vinegar from time to time and it does help removing some detergent residue....

Every now and then I would use the color cycle as a favorite rinse cycle.
Light wash plus two rinse is sufficient extra 25 minuets or I can use the Fast Wash which can be used as a double extra rinse cycle, 18 minuets or just rinse and spin as a stand alone, 14 minuets. Just a little work around to get what I want! LOL.

Vinagar in the bleach dispener is OK, clear liquid being flushed in the first rinse on most front loader will not clog system!

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@me1ab: I had the same dilema about elux vs miele. Given i have not taken delivery of my washer dryer so cannot comment.

From my research here and people who have owned the miele and elux i went with the elux. I have read probably countless threads including larsi's Miele and elux threads and even her thread after moving back to miele and all the service issues.

I think you will have to do more research and make up your own mind. When the washer dryer worked they did a great job, but how much worse can a elux do? I have used washer dryer made by whirlpool, given they cleaned very well but they are rough on clothes, also currently using speedqueen (as miele is dead and miele refuses to honor the 10 year warranty) and speedqueen is very very hard on clothes epseically with elastics.

Basically boils down to see what is important and know the ins and outs of it.

Here there is a huge following for miele and everyone loves their appliances.

I have owned miele apps before and the only one i am willing to purchase would be their vacuum (which i own and hasnt failed YET).

Miele does seem to be top notch for support or reliability from my previous models but i don't have my elux to compare it to. Here in canada on my street almost all the people have miele and no one on my street, and my mean NO one has not complained or had a failure with miele apps.
Last time when i bought the appliances everyone was pushing miele (sales staff) and they promised thier jobs on reliability and after spending the money on these apps and when problems started to happen within a year the sales staff said it was unique to me while i knew dozens of people had similar issue with same apps from same store.
Washer, Dryer, Ovens, Hood etc.

I personally have stayed away from miele this time around, and not to mention Miele does fixed pricing here and I am not sure i am going to pay msrp for something i have to endure so many headaches with.

Actually Miele apps the reason how i found this forum... Here in canada they just use normal repairmen for repairs and they just put on a miele jacket and drive a miele van and the service is not as good as i expect.

I used to think bmw service sometimes is shoddy but after miele service and reliability i have changed my mind.

Miele maybe like a ferrarri, people love them and still buy them but you have to pre-arrange a drive as you never know when it will break down.

Are you in canada or US. Because i got the elux wave touch and i paid less than $2400 for both machines (this includes extra warranty)... your brother in law's store does not have good costing on these machines?!

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I've got the Electrolux Wave Touch set. I really like them. The push to open doors don't bother me at all.

You mentioned cloth diapers. The Wave Touch model is awesome for them. It's got an "add more water" option which is super for those multiple layers in modern cloth diapers. There is also stain pre-treat and pre-wash options, and extra rinse to ensure you get the soap out of all those layers. I'm sure the Miele has options to work with dipes as well, just wanted you to know that the Lux has great options for them. Many other machines don't have the ability to add more water and don't offer stain pre-treat, which means you're stuck with always doing a pre-wash if you want to ensure stain removal.

The jeans cycle on the Lux is awesome. The cycle exists both on the washer and dryer and my jeans have never come out of a machine this Unwrinkled and soft!

I briefly considered the Miele, but as jsmith said, in Canada the pricing is fixed and HIGH; not comparable to the U.S. pricing. The washer alone would have cost me more than 2x what I paid for the Lux. And for that price I got plain jane white. :) They've got to do something about their Canadian pricing; it truly is horrid.

My favourite feature on the Lux is "shrink guard". On the washing machine, this does some tumbling after the spin cycle to reduce shrinkage. What is also great about it, is that items are ready to be hung to dry without any wrinkles! I used to have to toss things into the dryer for 10 minutes to get the spin cycle wrinkles out and then hang, now I can just hang. What a time saver! The dryer has "shrink guard" as well which does something with the temperature I believe to reduce shrinkage. (super tired and past bed time so my memory has failed on what it actually does in the dryer)

On my Lux, the cycles are fast (can increase them if you desire by increasing soil level, adding steam, etc.) and it dries quickly. It's very, very quiet, and has a crazy fast spin cycle where you seriously could put a glass of wine on top of the machine and it wouldn't spill while the machine spun at 1400 rpm.

The favourites feature is nice as well. You can save 3 favourites for up to 3 people, so 9 favourites in total. Great for my husband and his martial arts uniforms. I don't have to explain multiple times what settings the machine needs to be on, he can just flip to his saved favourite, add soap and hit start.

But I'm not trying to convince you, just letting you know that these machines are working out great for me. You said you feel the Miele are better machines, and if you believe that, take that seriously into consideration. You don't want to get the Lux, end up with some things about it that tick you off and then forever regret that you didn't get the Mieles! I did that in my last house and ended up complaining about my machines for 5 years because I didn't get the ones I actually wanted (was only due to price!). I was so happy to sell them with our house and buy my first choice this time round.

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I have no experience with either but wanted to share a site with you. Its a bit extreme so take it with a grain of salt but I think you can draw general conclusion.


What I walk away from reading those is miele has service issues in some areas and electrolux sometimes has design and material quality issues.

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God love the Internet ... lol ... gives a platform for every Joe Blow with a beef. I would take that site with a huge block of salt.

There are even members on this forum that sing the praises of their machines (as being the best on the planet) but as soon as one thing goes wrong they are posting like crazy about the company being full of idiots.

I'm teaching myself to stress less (not easy) and it all makes me chuckle.

I mean really ... were you diagnosed with brain cancer?? NO?? Well, you really have nothing to worry about. Make a decision and move forward. It will be what it will be.

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True but my conclusions from that site seems to line up with other posts here. Yourself and at least on other of the two posts I've found had issues getting service on your Meile and Larsi indicated the electrolux had build and design issues like the door.

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All info is welcomed. I can parse out the reviews by people who have a grudge. I understand that not everything is perfect. I think the Miele repair guy here in Pittsburgh is pretty good at customer service so I'm not too concerned.

Let me ask this though, this high end appliance store sells a 5 year warranty for about $170 per unit which covers acts of God (lightening strike). If you never have to call them out, they will refund your money 100%. Is this worth it? It's through a third party so if this store goes under than I'm still covered. The only other kind of extension they offered was having the units installed by a certified Miele tech which extends the warranty another 2 years. This I'm strongly considering.

I think my only concern about size with the Miele is whether or not it will wash and dry my king size down comforter properly, anyone else try this?

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@me1ab, I don't think it would do a king size comforter.

A king size quilt? Yes. Comforter. No.

But check that any machine would fit it. You cannot stuff any drum full. There must be about 1/4 of the drum empty for the load to properly tumble.

Some machines (ie. LG) have a much larger opening than Miele and "appear" much larger than they actually are. I was deceived by that a few times.

Just make sure before you commit.

I don't wash my king duvet (I send it out to a feather special place) so was not an issue for me. Anything else I've needed to wash the Miele fits.

In fact, for most regular clothes loads it is plenty large enough. I've almost never filled it to capacity doing regular laundry (family of 4).

I convinced myself it wasn't worth going with LG (WM3885) to get the larger drum when I would only use the extra capacity occasionally. I opted for (hopefully) superior washing/durability.

So far, I haven't regretted it but I know each person's needs are different.

It's hard deciding (I know). Good luck!

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@me1ab: Do the research in terms of how the 3rd party warranty is different than Miele's own warranty... they usually have promotions here in canada where they give you free 10 yr warranty so see if you can score that from miele.

@livebetter: I think the older miele can take a decent quality king duvet... one of the things i was concered was the duvet and comforter washing (king) in a miele replacement. I think both miele and elux can do a king duvet/comforter. I am about 80% certain about the older miele but not 100% on elux yet.

Maybe you can elaborate or other miele owners can shed light on king duvet/comforter washing.

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@jmith, I'm confused by your statements. What are you referring to when you say "older Miele"? Any other Miele would have been even smaller capacity (the W4XXX series is the largest they make - I believe).

I own the W4842 and I'm sure it would not hold a king size duvet. In fact, the manual says maximum is a full/double size.

A duvet has a lot of bulk. I can get my king size quilt in though (which is much thinner).

I did get a free 10 year warranty with mine - one of the reasons I was convinced to go for it. I don't believe this is ever an option in the US. Although, Miele should offer extended warranties directly through them (although probably pricier).

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@livebetter: By older i meant not the new ones that just came out it was one of the W4XXX not 100% which one as it is unplugged and behind a few things so cant go check the model.

But we did do king duvet (I will confirm in a day or two) in it. I quickly skimmed through the Elux manual and it does mention king comforter but not a duvet so maybe we just washed it and its not recommended?

I think the housekeeper did do the duvets and i did not notice any issues in terms of it being soiled/dirty after the wash.

There was a thread here about doing laundry by Weight. I wonder if the duvet would be a go based on weight in the Miele or any other big drum washers.

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"I quickly skimmed through the Elux manual and it does mention king comforter but not a duvet..."

I always thought they were they same thing.

If not, then what is the difference between a comforter and a duvet?

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From a website explaining the difference...

While a comforter is used only as a blanket to keep one warm, a duvet is also used as bedding. It is a single piece that serves as both bedding and blanket.

While a comforter only forms one part of bed linen, it is always used to cover oneself. Other bed linen like bed sheets, bed covers, quilts etc. are needed to be used along with a comforter. Comforters go on top of the traditional sheets. In case of a Duvet, no other bed linen is needed. Duvet is a single piece that serves the purpose of both and solves the complexity of making a bed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Compare - Comforter vs. Duvet

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@georgect - Wow, interesting. So would a king size comforter take up a different volume of space than a king size duvet? (I'm still wrangling with the washing machine making a difference between the two) Clearly I would fail miserably as a Martha Stewart wannabe. LOL

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I think a duvet and a comforter would be equal. They are both bulky (unlike a quilt which is thinner).

A comforter is usually a patterned fabric (although can be a plain color) with a batting like filling. You cannot open it up. It is all stitched together.

A duvet is usually down but can be synthetic and you can put a duvet cover on it. That way you can remove the cover and wash it more often.

It think both the Miele and Electrolux would be stuffed full with a king comforter or duvet. Not good for washing quality. As mentioned before, they need room to tumble. That is what cleans them (falling from the top to the bottom).

Just my two cents. :)

All the Miele W4XXX series are the same size. 4.0 cu ft. The only other models are smaller.

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Did Miele change their model line up? On the Canadian site it seems the current models are the IntelliQ? I don't see the W4xxx models anymore?

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@livebetter: Soon i have to do my own laundry so i will keep that in mind and maybe send mine out.

@silvercanadian: Yes new models :)

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@Cavimum...I would assume the duvet would take up more volume. I would wash a duvet in a commercial laundromat machine, one of those really large capacity machines.

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@silvercanadian, there are threads on this forum re: the InteliQ. They are almost identical to the W4XXX series. Minor changes.

@jsmith, I didn't think it worth getting such a big drum for an item that wouldn't get washed too often (but that's me).

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele IntelliQ

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One one hand, I could easily do with a smaller drum for clothing loads. On the other hand, I really like that I can do all the sheets from all the beds in the house in one load. And I wash the sheets weekly. And towels are washed weekly as well and I can do all of our bath towels, hand towels and bath mats in one load. My last machine had a smaller drum than my Lux (can't recall the size) and although I could stuff all that in, it was jammed and not giving things enough room to get clean.

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Electrolux used to be a high end brand decades ago, but various corporate mergers and acquisitions have turned it into more of a Volkswagen. It's a budget gourmet kind of thing. Also remember that the largest capacity machine may not be very good at washing smaller loads. Most people separate their laundry prior to washing, and those that do hardly ever max out the capacity of today's 4.0 cuft machines. Laundry dumpers - those who just throw everything into the machine without sorting - would benefit from the largest capacity possible. But those people are also going to get poor wash results.

I recently had my Miele T9802 dryer replaced by Miele over a weird noise issue. Miele volunteered to replace it without me even asking, and over 18 months into ownership. Would Electrolux do that? The answer to this question should help make up your mind.

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Sitting in the back just reading these posts.
I'm impressed how washing bedding is shaping this thread.
Comforters and Duvets filling is much different as one would think.
Duvets tends to be feather filled while Comforters has a poly fill so....., it got me to look at a few youtube vids and as I can see, duvets tends to compress when wet and Comforters will compress somewhat but not by much so a larger tub is needed to wash such a huge item.

Once again I must ask again, what is the largest size bedding in your home and go by that!
Everyone tends to turn a blind eye in this area and this what kills any machine that is overloaded!
Both Lux and Miele will handle Queen Sized Comforter well, but a King Sized Comforter will fare better in the Lux because of shear size volume!

Doing small loads in a large tub machine can clean as well as a small tub, we must watch detergent usage doing small loads or will cause cushioning which causes reduced cleaning action.

I'm not pushing any brand as I noted above because I've seen my shares of posting on THS how great a unit is and then winds up being a problematic several months later.

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I have a heavy king size duvet ad it will simply not fit into a 4.0 cuft machine. There is just no way unless you forcefully stuff it within an inch of the machine's life, which is not recommended.

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Well we pulled the trigger yesterday and bought the Mieles. When we finally go to see the mieles up close and saw how solid they are as compared to the cheap Electrolux construction, mieles win hands down. The customer service from the appliance store we bought them at is top notch too.

Thanks for all the help everyone! I think we'll just was the comforter by hand :)

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Congrats on your decision/purchase.

Please give a review when you have time to play with the set.

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