The post about blinds got me thinking...

kam76January 5, 2014

We are building a home on 5 wooded acres and you can't see any house/anyone from any of the windows. We live in the northwest so streaming light is generally not an issue lol. I will have some drapes in some of the rooms. I am just wondering if I am going to need to install binds. Trying to figure out what I would need them for.

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Well I grew up where there was no one within miles. Plus there were outside dogs who would have let you know if anyone was around. But we still had curtains on the bedrooms and bath.

So try it without. If you don't like it, then order the blinds.

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Maybe just to block the scary view of raging storms and swaying trees. That's about the only time I close my blinds sometimes. Also to eliminate the reflection at night in some rooms.

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I'm in the NW too. We only had drapes in the bedrooms for a few years and then installed Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades. I'm much warmer in bed now with the shades drawn. Our bed is near the window and my head would get cold. Along with the switch to flannel sheets, I'm not piling on the blankets and quilts anymore.

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I live in the PNW with only 1/2 acre and have no window coverings except in the upstairs master bath-that I close when I'm up there at night. The main floor bath has the lower pane of a double hung window glazed with obscuring glass.

One of the things that makes it okay for me is the way the neighbors' houses are sited as well as the outdoor lighting I have on the house...just some old style flood lights that light the areas outside the windows so that I can see the garden areas in the dark, as well as anyone who might be lurking. It keeps the windows from looking too much like black holes. I'm sure if I tried to live with window coverings at this stage I'd feel totally claustrophobic and would always wonder what was going on outside. Plus I'd miss the nocturnal visitors to the yard, the foxes and raccoons (I could gladly miss the possums).

I love lying in bed watching the wind whip through the tall firs, with the moon shining behind them. I've gotten used to sleeping in any amount of light or darkness.

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Window coverings serve some purposes in addition to privacy and sun blockage. We have some rooms with large window areas and covering those big black areas at night makes a difference. The family room is a lot brighter at night with the blinds drawn so they reflect light back into the room instead of having 12' by 7' of blackness.

I agree with Mayflowers too. warmth and preventing a cool draft off the windows (due to convection, not because the windows aren't tight) are another advantage.

Many of our window coverings aren't needed for privacy. We do have two big uncovered windows on either side of our dining room/entry hall. One looks out onto our koi pond and front entry - it would be inconvenient to cover because the hallway runs next to it. Not covering that one it seems lopsided to cover the other and when the dining table is at maximum extension the few inches not taken by window covering is convenient.

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Olychick I am in Olympia too! Or at least I am assuming that is where you are. We love all the gorgeous trees around these parts. I can't wait to be out where I don't have to worry about closing the blinds at night. I am glad to know others have not used them or used them sparingly with success.

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I'm in the PNW too and we have blinds or shutters on all windows, but they are usually open, lol!

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