Kitchen Remodel 5' Can light placement help needed.. Thanks!

compman723May 20, 2012

We are in final stages of electrical design and I am a rookie at light placement. I am attaching a picture of our layout along with a 3D view so you can get an idea of what it looks like.

We are looking for ideas on light placement mainly in the kitchen and dining room, but are also changing to cans in the entryway, mudroom and pantry so placement ideas in there are welcome along with other ideas besides cans if have.

Thank you everyone for your help!!!

Layout view

3D view

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For now I think we have decided with pendant lights above island and just normal cans above dining room table but I can eventually change to pendants maybe. We were also planning on under cabinet lighting using LED and also just recently thought about LED for the can lights also.

Let me know if any other info is requested.


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We are having a little trouble placing lights and making it look correct. I have 1 can centered in front of cooktop/hearth and then one on each side for 3 total. Then We were thinking about centering some on the island 3 again. But then this is where i get stuck and nothing seems to look right. Anybody have any opinions for this DIY'R?


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This is my latest idea for the kitchen. The 3 lights because of floor joists and a beam are fixed already inn front of the hearth and cooktop besides that everything is open to changing.

Let me know what you think. By calculation of 35 lumens I figured 11 lights but this puts me at 13 which is okay I think.

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I would use 6" or 4" cans with Cree CR/ LR lamps.

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I agree with DT - you have more flexibility for the future.
I wasn't around when they installed the cans - they are 5 inch and limited options
Fortunately DH loves the 3000K and we put in Coopers - which are terrific!

One question - do you really want the cans over the floor or partially over the counter?

Over the island - consider pendants...

Too much of a good thing can cause problems...

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