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sjhockeyfan325January 16, 2014

I know this isn't a decorating issue, but there's so much activity on this forum, and you all have such great ideas, I thought it would be a good place to ask (as a followup to the thread about the hanging drying rack).

How do you all dry those items that say "lay flat to dry" (such as sweaters)? I used to have a 3-tier mesh rack (all 3 tiers were mesh) but I can't find that, so I've had to resort to laying the sweaters on towels on the bathroom floor, which I hate to do.

We have a very small laundry closet. Big enough for our stacked washer and dryer, a set of 30" wide shelves next to it, and room for brooms and mops -- the whole thing measures about 6'+ x 4-1/2'+. Ideas?

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I have 3 guest bedrooms so often use the Queen beds in one or 2 of the rooms and lay delicates on towels on the beds. When I return from traveling often need to wash enough items to fill those beds. I also have a large folding drying rack altho like to dry many items flat.

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Have you seen these mesh racks? You can stack as many as you want.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stackable Mesh Racks

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I have the stacking ones (which are a PITA because they easily come apart) and also some collapsible round ones that fit in the tub. I can't find any round ones like mine to link, but I found these while searching...if you have a shower curtain rod you could use.

This would be great if you could put a hook in the ceiling above a tub or shower:

Here is a link that might be useful: ebay links

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I lay my sweaters flat on top of the dryer....the warmth of drying the rest of the clothes almost dries the sweaters....by evening they are ready to fold or hang. If I have two sweaters to lay flat....the second one goes on top of the washer or on the kitchen counter under the warm lights.

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I like that one that is hung on the shower rod - that might work. I thought I might be able to work with the stackable ones, but if they 'come apart' I'd just get really annoyed :-)

grandma, I can't lay anything on the dryer because it's a stacked unit.

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I have a wooden folding drying rack in my utility room. Have had it for years but I think I bought it at Target or Wal-Mart or some such place. Maybe even Home Depot I don't remember. But about a year ago I bought a wall-mounted one because DH got tired of the one on the floor all the time. I bought it from Ballard Designs. It is the medium sized one, and I saw last night that it is on sale. The accordion rack folds in toward the wall and there are 4 (I think) hooks for hanging small items or something on a hangar.

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outside playing, I'm also going to get a folding hanger thingie to hang things that don't have to "lay flat to dry", but I don't like to hang sweaters, thus I was looking for mesh "shelves". I ended up buying the first of olychick's two pictures - got a good deal on ebay. If it works, great. If not, I'm not out that much!

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That is pretty cool. I just dry mine 'mostly flat', lol. Drape it across the top of the rack on a towel. I don't have that many bulky sweaters so it works out ok for me. I tried one of those big square things once and didn't use it at all. Too bulky.

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I lay towels on my chest freezer and put things on it. Its next to the dry so convenient.

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I stopped laying things flat to dry. No matter the material, I put the clothing in the dryer on low or air and let it fluff up a bit, then hang on a good hanger which won't leave shoulder marks. No shrinkage, and best of all, no ironing!

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I am not a huge fan of the dryer, so I often air dry tops of mine and my husbands (golf shirts). First, IF I hand wash, I throw the items on the "spin" cycle for a few minutes to squeeze out the excess water. Then, I lay the item on top of an empty plastic laundry basket. I fold the arms of the item back over the front so nothing is touching the floor.This method allows air flow all around the item and I think, allows them to dry faster. I move the laundry basket to the sunny areas if I am in a hurry. Hope this description is clear.

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I also use this little hanging thing from IKEA.

Here is a link that might be useful: IKEA

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