what kind of ceiling fan + lights plus layout for small kitchen

rfbcvilleMay 24, 2011

We have a 10 x 10 kitchen with side door that we use to enter house. 24" deep cabinets along most of walls. Currently fluorescent fixture with 2 4foot sticks. Fixture covering is broken, can't find replacement. So we can replace with similar, or get a ceiling fan + other ceiling fixtures since it gets hot when we cook, even in cool weather.

Because kitchen is small, I can't figure out a layout if kitchen fan is in the center - where else would more fixtures go? Can't have traditional light kit because ceiling is only 8'. We'd like similar amount of light.

A) does anyone know the lumens or wattage of current set up? we'd like a similar amt of light.

?) Any suggestions for flush mount ceiling fan? I love the Minka Concept II =10" drop but it seems to be remote control only and we have two switches (1 by back door and 1 by pocket door to dining room.

c) other fixtures = ? I'd love a cool pendant light over sink since the cabinets on either side have an open bridge across (just a vertical trim piece) but I will also need more ceiling lights but where? hard to figure out if fan is in center. Maybe one above the back door? which is in the corner. Help!

P.S. I was thinking can lights but after reading here, I think that wouldn't work. We have a small light on microwave above stove, 2 plug in fluorescent fixtures under cabinet which we don't use because they hum and make cabinets warm.

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I would assume that the output is ~ 4000+ to 6000 lumens (T8 tubes). The rated output for a new T8 tube could reach 2700 - 3000 lumens.

A quick calculation - the lumens per sq ft is ~ 40+

If a ceiling fan is installed, you may have to consider recessed lighting too. Your electrician should be able to put in the necessary switch box(es) to accomodate another switch.

The Cree LED can lights work much better than CFL cans - the light spread is much better and since the led emitters are ~ 1" from the surface, most of the light is not trapped within the can.

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You may also want to explore the possibility of using indirect lighting eg- cove lighting for augmenting the general illumination.

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David thx for your input. I sort of guessed at the lumens and came to conclusion that I HAD to have extra lighting - one fixture over sink (from what others have said here, it looks like I need a 2 bulb fixture. Then I was thinking one over the entry door. Cabinets go straight up to ceiling so no opportunity for cove/indirect lighting.

I'd like to stick with fluorescent due to energy benefit. The Cree 6 are LED can type lights, which wouldn't give me as much overall lighting. Who would think such a small space would need so many lights? I might just have to get a new 2 x 4' fluorescent fixture and use a portable fan until I save up more $ (attic sealing and insulation has to come first !)

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You can use a light kit on a low profile fan if you configure your kitchen so it routes traffic around the fan. An easy way to do that is to put a work table right under the fan.

However, no light kit will match a good fluorescent with T8 lamps and electronic ballast for light output and distribution. You might consider flanking the fan with smaller fluorescents, or even surface mount round fixtures. The latter can be fitted with CF or even circular T type fluorescents for efficiency.

BTW, if efficiency is your goal, relatively inexpensive mass market linear F32T8 lamps and good instant start ballasts will handily trounce the pricey LED products currently available. Properly chosen F32T8s run in the 100+ lumen/Watt range. From what I can tell, Cree LR6-DR1000 is about as good as mass market LED gets right now; it's 80 l/W and downlight only. The standard LR6 and CR6, also downlight only, are much less efficient at 62 and 55 l/W respectively (though to be fair this matches or even exceeds many compact fluorescents).

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