Edison style bulb equivalent to modern 75 watts? Do they exist?

threeapplesMay 17, 2013

I want to use an Edison style bulb for my son's ceiling fixture, but the 70 watt I found says it's the equivalent of a modern 25 watt bulb, which is way too dim. Do higher wattages for this type of antique bulb exist?

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Have you considered CFL or more expensive LED bulbs?

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The key figure is 'lumens'. An incandescent 75w bulb, under good circumstances, would emit about 1100 lumens of light. Today there are halogen, CFL, and a few LED options that emit light at that level.

For a kids bedroom, definitely go with at least CFL and hopefully LED. Most kids seem to have no idea how to turn lights OFF, so they are often ON for several hours a day!

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The "Edison Style" filament gets only reddish hot. Edison did not use the tungsten and gases of today. So more of the 75 watts makes heat and less makes light. So the choice in this case is style or light.

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