Recessed lights in kitchen - how far out from wall?

Kristen HallockMay 28, 2013

I read another thread that said to put recessed lights 24" - 30" from wall on center. my current lights are about 19" from the wall on center.

My problem is that on my L-shaped kitchen, on the wall here the joists run parallel, I would have to have the 6" cans either 21.5" or 31.5" from the wall on-center. There is a ceiling joist that runs right thru the prime zone for the lights. So what is the preferable position?

My lights are 6" cans nd I bought the Cree CR6s to put inside them. We will have under cabinet LED lighting.

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Hi khallock. Real lighting novice here, just thought I'd share our recessed lights were installed today at 30" wall on-center, not 24". We will have upper cabinets. My GC feels 30" is better for light diffusion, including of the uppers and path through the kitchen. We will have good quality task lighting in the form of under-cabinet lighting as yourself.

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Recessed lights should be based on location of countertop edge. In reflected ceiling plan, the light should go no further from wall than the edge of the counter. The reason being, you don't want your head to get in the way and create shadows on what you are doing at the counter.

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