Where to start re: Undercab lighting for kitchen remodel

catlover5May 22, 2012

I did not want to hijack krkahn's post . . I know nothing about undercabinet lighting hence I am a newbie too.

DH is currently wiring kitchen for our remodel. We have a 3 ganger that will control the ceiling fan that has a light in it, a light above sink if I so desire (kitchen is L shaped, sink in front of window, room is small, not sure how to get a light above sink with the close proximity of the ceiling fan which is a necessity as we don't have a/c) and undercab lighting which I would like to be able to dim.

The kitchen is L-shaped and I have a break in the cabs from the left of the sink and then beginning again on the right of the sink. Where do I go from here?

My cabs (which are not up yet) have a recessed space underneath but are not smooth, flat and even from cab to cab and the KD did order me a small simple under cab molding (this is a cottage white painted kitchen) to hide the lights.

Where should I research? What should I look for? I will cross post this in kitchens too. This is the last item I have and probably should have addressed it sooner but I am wore out from this budget remodel!

Many thanks in advance.

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There is the long running UCL continuation thread on this forum.

If you want dimmable lights, it will most likely not be fluorescent lighting.

Here is a link that might be useful: UCL continuation

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Thank you davidtay. I did see this post on my Google search and it is very, very helpful.

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Someone in kitchens gave me the same link to your post. I think I am overloading myself with this light research! Thanks!

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