Bosch Vision 500 series FL Washer/Dryer - any feedback?

aboc1212October 1, 2009

We are just about to move into our new house with a 2nd floor laundry room. We are looking at front loaders (it's a small room and there is cabinetry above where the W/D will go so this is a must) and I am researching brands right now. I've been reading up a lot about the Samsung 448 (with the VRT)and the Whirlpool Duets but one brand I am interested in and haven't heard anything about is the Bosch Vision washers and dryers. I am thinking the 500 series would be best for our needs. Anyone have experience with these - I'd like to hear about their anti-vibration technology and if anyone has comments about the capacity (we have a kind sized bed and would like to be able to wash the comforter if possible)


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I'm curious as well. I'm REALLY frustrated with shopping for a new washer and dryer. I can't seem to find any consistent reviews on multiple sites that help narrow the scope. I think the Bosch was listed for higher noise or vibration than others, but when I went into Sears the other day, I have to say that the Bosch felt more solid when I opened and closed the doors. Course that isn't going to dictate vibration or reliability. It's seems to be hard to find reviews on the Bosch. Good luck.

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I agree - very frustrating process. Seems there are just as many folks that love a particular brand as there are who hate them. I have decided there is little I can do about my house construction (since it's already built I can't change it) and that seems to factor a lot into whether there are vibration issues. I am just going to focus on buying the washer/dryer with features I like in a brand I trust (and Bosch is on our good list), hope they get installed properly (as I've asked about elsewhere on this forum and gotten good ideas) and then hope it works out but be prepared that it might not. Sorry, that sounds kind of depressing but it's my current thinking

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I talked about the Bosch (we're deciding on a WD) with my appliance repair guy, since he's great and honest with me. He loves them, but NOT for me. The reason is that my dryer vent has to go up and out by a route with two turns. He says the Bosch dryers have an overheat sensor that is ultra-sensitive, and if you get even the slightest bit of air backflow, it will shut down the dryer, and has to be reset. He's never had a problem with it for dryers venting fairly directly to an outside wall, but it's a huge problem if your venting is long or has several turns.

Unless you have a far interior room laundry like me, though, he says they are great and reliable, he highly recommends. I wish I could get them, darn it!

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wow, mjintx thanks - we DO have an interior room with a long vent so this could be an issue. will have to investigate. wonder if it's possible to tweak the sensor if there is an issue, or is that asking for trouble?

would love to know what you decide on!

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My Bosch set is 3+ years old now, so my infromation may not be relevant here, but... I have a dryer vent run with 3 - 90 degree turns and 2 'wiggles' in the rigid piping... total length is probably 12-14 feet, I've not had any problem with the dryer and the vent... I do clean out the vent pipe usually at least once a year. I would buy anothher Bosch set if/when I need to replace or move and need to buy again...

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Wow, plumbly. Maybe I can do the Bosch after all, then - maybe it was only particular models. I hope so!

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I am getting an E-27 error code on a Bosch WFVC6450UC 500 series DLX washer. Have read references to a door code and also references to self diagnostics. Please advise and thank you

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