do i have to use fluorescent strips in small closet?

kateskourosMay 26, 2009

we'll have a few closets that are behind bi fold doors. what are my options for lighting? i really dislike (read: HATE) fluorescents of any kind; the color isn't right and they flicker; plus as long as i don't live in california i shouldn't have a problem, right? what can i use?

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do you already have a light fixture of any sort in the closet? If not you need either an electrician or some sort of battery operated light. I have 100W equavalent twisty bulb in a recessed plenty of light.

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kateskouros, you will find out soon enough that fluorescents are stable and give good light. There are warm light fluorescents. There are dimmable ones. None hum, none flicker. I have already seen them, and they are already marketed in many areas. Hold tight and sit tight, they are coming to a store near you.

All things being equal, you wouldn't want to put a heater into a closet, unless you needed a heater, now would you? The old bulbs from the 20th century, incandescent, are heaters. They also produce light. Most of the Wattage is turned into heat. For most of the year you are cooling your house (not heating it) so you pay Twice to first heat up your incandescent and then to run your A\C and remove the offending heat. That reason alone is a great reason to look with an open mind at fluorescent bulbs. I could say more. There are more reasons.

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