closet depth issue :-(

claw13October 30, 2012


I currently have one piece stacked washer and dryer combo. I got it repaired twice and now I am planning to by new washer dryer. The closet space is very narrow. I was planning to buy stackable washer and dryer seperately. My only concern is fitting them in the closet. my current closet dimentions are Depth - 33 inch, width 35 inch (at door frame), and height 80 inch (at door frame). I checked the specifications of some bestseller on lowe's website and almost all of them have depth of atleast 31.5 inch. dryer vent outlet is in ceiling.

Is there any way to fit these washer and dryer in my closet wihtout lot of remodelling?

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You may be able to have a dryer box installed behind the sheetrock and the vent go up in behind that wall, that would allow you to have the units almost flush with the wall. Might be worth having a contractor out for a looksy to see what can be done. Sheet rock is easily removed and replaced to accomplish this, but the structure behind the sheetrock will determine if this can be done or not. Hope this helps.

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I had a similar problem and it is quite common these days when replacing old, smaller machines. It was either buy tiny machines or remove the door to the closet. Door has been gone for 5 yeasr and I don't miss it, but it may depend on where your closet is located. The machines are so good looking I don't mind them showing but I don't have a fancy house. Sure beats putting them in the basement or garage.

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Look at LG machines - they generally have less depth than other brands (Samsungs are the worst probably). Can you vent your drier on the side and up? In any event, check those flat rectangular dryer vents instead of a regular round one - they save a lot of space.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dryer Vent

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