recessed eyeball lights keep swiveling

celticmoonMay 11, 2011

We have a number of 'eyeball' recessed lights high up in vaulted ceilings - the eyeballs swivel so that the light can be directional independent of the ceiling plane.

Three of them are driving me nuts as they keep swiveling on their own to shine the light in a useless direction... like the one above my sink that I kinda want to shine light onto my sink area...

Is there a trick to getting these to stay oriented in the right direction?


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There is a swivel in there somewhere. You need to go in and tighten it up.

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You need to go in and tighten it up

Thanks for answering Ken. Sorry for my ignorance, but go in where and tighten what up? I get it that I need to take out the bulb and the baffle, but then I am not sure what I am looking for...

These are Halo fixtures, circa 1988, if that matters.

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still hoping for some help.

I need to know what I am looking for way up on that ladder...

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Whatever pivots they're using need to be tightened up.

They may have screws that can be tightened, or just rivets for the pivot points that needs to be squeezed with some pliers to make the joint tighter.

For rivets using a small c-clamp can work well (about a 3 inch clamp).

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