Cove lighting and Title 24

attofaradMay 4, 2012

I have tray ceilings in my (total gut out) remodeled kitchen and living room. Each is 8 feet at the perimeter, stepping up to 9 feet in a 11'x11' or 12'x18' section, repectively.

I would like to put cove lighting in the trays. Ideally, the lighting would be dimmable, and bright enough to be useful. For the kitchen, it needs to meet Title 24 high efficacy, or be low enough wattage to fall under my low efficacy allowance. For the living room, being on a dimmer is sufficient for Title 24.

What are the most cost-efficient solutions? Any specific brand/products would be greatly appreciated.

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You could look at the eW PowerCore MX which is dimmable and title 24 compliant.

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It seems that Powercore for just the kitchen cove would be over $5k, so that misses on the "cost-efficient" criterion.

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Interesting product, but it just looks costly. Would some T8 or T5 fluorescent fixtures in there do the job? I am not a believer in dimming fluorescent lights but two circuits could give you three discrete levels of lighting.

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Yes, I've been considering fluorescent. I could go with 3'-4'-3' or 4'-2'-4'on each side of the kitchen cove. They would be "spotty" when only a few (the center 3' or 2' ones) were on, and still pretty bright. I'm sure I would like the look of low-uniform better.

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How many lumens are enough for ceiling cove lighting? On high, I would like to be able to see where I am going, not just see the decorative light. I don't need to be able to read, but enough light to be pleasant.

Is there a guideline for how much more light is required when it is directed upward (at the edges of a white ceiling 1 ft higher) rather than downward?

Planning on dimmable, so most likely LED strips.


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