Pendant Light Placement Over Island

hatman52May 19, 2007

What's the "right" (okay, generally accepted) way to place pendant lights over a two-tiered island? Do you center them front to back over the main work surface (24" deep cabinets with a 1 1/2" counter overhang), or center them front to back over the entire island, which includes the main counter and the raised eating counter?

Thanks in advance.

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Depends. If the lights are for specific tasks, such as illuminating a work area, it should be as close to directly above the work surface as possible. An eating area does not need such direct light, so I would tend to make sure you have sufficient light on the areas where you will be working -- food prep, cooking, etc. -- and not worry too much about the eating area. If they are dim-able (which I highly recommend) I bet you find you will turn the lights up for cooking, and down for eating.

On the other hand, if you don't plan to use the counter top as a work area, I'd probably center the lights on the overall structure, as I think that would look better.

Don't worry about what's "generally accepted." If you like how it looks and works, it's good.

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