Help! Size of chandelier

jalkMay 2, 2010

Lighting/decorating mavens...I need your help!

I am trying to decide on a chandelier for my dining room.

It is a strange space:

Room dimensions - 18 x 16

Ceiling dimensions - - Peak is 11 ft - other walls are 8 ft

(cantilever ceiling)

The fixture I want is 36" in diameter.

My current table is 39 inches wide - however it is only a holdover until I get something (not anytime soon!)

Will the 36" be okay?

Thanks for any and all help!

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Posted by ilitem on Mon, Aug 27, 07 at 7:12

The normal consideration for the size of a chandelier over a table is the the smallest dimension minus 12" is the largest chandelier you can use.

Posted by eweneek1 on Tue, Aug 28, 07 at 12:57

How do I know the correct size of a chandelier for a dining table?
A general guideline is to choose a chandelier that has a diameter equal to one-half the width of the table. The general appearance of the chandelier must be taken into account, too; that is, if it is a light airy piece it may be slightly larger than the standard.

How low should a chandelier be hung over a dining table?
Generally there should be 30" between the bottom of the chandelier and the top of the table in a room with an 8' ceiling. If the ceiling is higher, the distance between the bottom of the fixture and the table should increase slightly. Remember that the chandelier should provide light for the table, but not be so low as to block anyone's line of vision when they are sitting at the table.

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