Bookcase Lighting

rmiriamMay 17, 2010

We're installing built-in bookcases, and I would like to include lighting in the top shelves, hardwired to a switch. Only complication is that the shelves will surround 8' of window space - 18" wide on one side and wrapping around a corner for a total of 5 linear feet on the other. I was considering xenon pucks, but am not sure how to hardwire all the lights to a single switch, or even if those are the right choice. Frankly, I'm ready to give up on having lights at all, but I know it would look great - does anyone have any experience or suggestions?

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If I'm understanding from your description correctly LED tape light seems much easier to use.

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Those do look like they would be ideal. However, I'm not clear on how you would hardwire them. Would it make sense to plug them in and use an air switch (like on a garbage disposal) to control them? I could just install the switch in one of the shelves (would have to do that with a traditional switch anyway, since walls are plaster).

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