XK LED Under-Cabinet Lighting Experience?

gmt980May 10, 2013

I am looking to get LED under cabinet lighting for my new condo and stumbled upon XK LED's which seem to offer pretty cheap lighting for what looks like a very simple install. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with XK LED's. They offer their products both on Ebay and through their website. If you do not have experience, but do have knowledge on the subject of under cabinet lighting, do these look like they would offer a decent budget kit?

Here is a link to the site:

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If you want a professional looking UCL, you need to have the power supply hardwired to a switch and tucked away in an accessible location.
You need to price out the entire setup.

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Do you have a suggestion for a setup that I could install myself for under about $350? I figured I could plug it into the same outlet as the microwave and just have a separate switch.

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You might want to look at utilitech lights @ lowes.

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Really? These got terrible reviews. Plus, I would probably have to sink these into the cabinets in order to hide them.

Here is a link that might be useful: REVIEWS ON LOWES WEBSITE

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For under 350, there aren't any really good options and you'd end up replacing anyway. The led Ucl thread has more info.

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A possible alternative could be the solid apollo led strips. Could probably cost more than $350 though.

Here is a link that might be useful: solid apollo

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These are reasonable. The warm bright are very clean light. They are also on Ebay but i went to their website...they answer the phone. A bit fussy to hide but doable.

Here is a link that might be useful: led's

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Thanks sleeven. Do you happen to have any pics of your setup? Did you tap into outlets or plug them in above the microwave?

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Sorry, just saw this. I'm a minimalist, No appliances or counter stuff. I added outlets inside the lower cabinets and hid everything. I did two runs. One along the stove/ fridge run and another,
"across the highway' , (the sink/ counter). The sink run is dimmable and i leave it on 'one' for a nice soft ambient night light. I have three staggered above where we chop and prep next to the cooktop. It is nice and clean, no hockey puck shadows. I really don't think pics would help?
I do have a large skylight in my kitchen and i feel the LED light under-counter is very similar to that natural light.
Of corse when testing the placement i did use counter outlets and had them temporarily taped and taped and decided for weeks what was the best overall plan for our needs.
Very happy with the outcome and may add some in a dark closet.

(i initially ordered just a small 3unit kit to test thinking it will work somewhere...)
None of the BigBox store options came even close to this.

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Sleeven thank you for sharing your experience. My kitchen is merely one long strip of cabinets, so I think this kit will work perfectly. I plan was to order the 8 unit kit in order to fill up the cabinets below and maybe even above the cabinets if I have extra.

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definitely take the time to do a mock-up with tape. I used blue painters tape.
Live with it a few days making sure all your bundles are hidden from a distance. I had
to make a few adjustments. I did now want to see any fixture from my dining table, sitting down looking up, so in that area they are placed far back AND forward...worked out even better
because that is where we usually spread out a newspaper, jot down notes, open a cookbook,
and where my husband does his bread baking prep (mess). My chop area has two forward and one staggered middle. Those two areas have more light but you can't tell walking in. Subtle. You will also want to fuss with where to put your switch. I must have changed that placement a dozen times.
I thought 6, maybe 7 was the limit for a run...not sure. Must have been one of the questions i had when i called. It has been a couple years now.

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Sleeve, can you explain what you mean by staggered? Are you saying that you have multiple 10" led panels mounted under the same wall cabinet unit? That seems like it would be a lot of lumens in one relatively small spot.

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Not at all too much. For my prep area next to my cooktop where i chop i have 2 close to the front edge of the cabinet, aprox a 2" space between to connect them, and one set back right in the middle. When i did my mock-up and had the quantity for that run it seemed natural to use them that way. The counter on the other side of the stove is more of a resting area since it is out of the triangle of stove-sink-fridge and not used for prep, just coffee area.
It does not appear brighter or different, just clean without any shadowing.
I gave up on lumens. The others i brought home and tested did not give me at all what was claimed...two different Lowes and a horrible Costco one that buzzed and affected other lights in the home and made the receiver hum. (i have no idea what those brands were as this was some time ago) . I found Amazon a great source of info by using their reviews.
My other run is on a dimmer 1-4. On one, it is a perfect ambient night light.
I rarely give reviews unless i have had a product for at least one year and this has performed well for us. Just a bit fussy to install.

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Thanks a lot, Sleeve.

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