Which new cans for old Lightolier track?

saydeMay 5, 2010

We put up Lightolier tracks (dual circuit) in the kitchen circa 1978. We are now redoing the kitchen. Plan to keep the tracks if possible but would like smaller cans that are more energy efficient. So (1) will new Lightolier cans work on my 32 year old tracks (2) which cans should I use? I want focused light, therefore like the cans and don't want pendants. Currently have big cans with incandescent spots. Don't know if I should be looking at LED or halogen or ?????? Would appreciate guidance!

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Can't speak to whether or not you can use your old tracks. We have a Lightolier track in our kitchen with focused halogen light. Love it. DH and I installed it ourselves to a junction box that had held an incandescent fixture. I think that the lights themselves contain transformers for the low voltage halogens (dealer could tell you.) Track and canopy was the cheapest part of the purchase (in case cost considerations are driving your desire to keep your existing track.) Link below shows the lights we installed. HTH.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lightolier lights

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your old track will take any of the current Lightolier track heads.
I woulod reccommend using a MR16 head,which would come with their own transformer.

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