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jmcgowanMay 24, 2012

Our landscape architect specified a Hadco brick light with an incandescent bulb to be used in a few places on our terrace; the model is RSC2 HK5I. Three of these will be placed in our hardscape to provide low level lighting near steps or the edge of the terrace. I want the light to be soft and not too bright.

Hadco makes the same light in an LED version, which I'd like to use instead. It can be purchased with a warm lens, and comes in a 3 watt or 5 watt version. I spoke with Hadco's tech support group, and they recommended going with the 5 watt version without the warm lens, as they said the warm lens would result in much dimmer output than even the incandescent light. This is model RSC2 HK5 D5 E.

Has anyone used these products? Thoughts on which LED version to go with and why? I'm trying to decide on 3 vs. 5 watt, and warm lens or no warm lens.

I will cross post on the landscape design forum. Thanks for input.

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I purchased a Hadco lighting kit for the RL4 lights. In retrospect I should of gone with the LED because they last 20 years.

I went with the 2700k warm hue. This matched my current il6 integral wall lights.

I would recommend the 3 watt warm lens. The difference probably will not be major and over all you will save. The warm look is personal preference but its more like other incandescent bulbs out there.

I put the link of the Hadco lighting Kit I got


Here is a link that might be useful: hadco lighting kits

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