Does anyone have Raven caesarstone?

muskokascpJanuary 25, 2012

Our raven Caesarstone was installed today. It matches the grey cabinets perfectly! I am just wondering about the the piece I have. There are small light beige specks in some areas and I wasn't expecting this since this is a dark grey. They stand out because the grey is so dark . They look like fine paint splatter from a roller but not in a uniform pattern. One spot is larger than the others and I find myself trying to wipe it off all the time.

If you have Raven does your counter have these beige bits?

The sample I have of raven does not have these inclusions.

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Wish I had some pictures for you.
Can you post pictures of yours?

below are a few links that might help you. It looks
(from google images) like it does indeed have a paint
splatter look to the colors. Not pure gray.
Too bad your original sample did not show this.

Houzz Raven search

Raven Caesarstone - Acetone splotches

Raven CaesarStone Counters

Here is a link that might be useful: Raven Caesarstone--real pics please!

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Muskokascp - I have Raven and that was my experience as well. You described it exactly as I did ... white paint splatters ... which I also want to keep wiping up. I was pretty disappointed as none of the samples I have seen show this. False advertising IMO. But if you talk to Caeasarstone they will say that's "normal". Errrrrr!

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I have the Raven and I don't see those spots anymore, they are just there. On the link above, you can see the spots in Smarge's kitchen counters, too bad you did not see that picture beforehand, then you would have been prepared. I can understand your disappointment if you weren't expecting it.

I would use it again in another kitchen, the overall look is what counts for me and I love the shade.

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Just to clarify, I am not referring to the mottling effect (i.e. the "smudges" or "thumbprint" looking things). Mine have tiny white spot here and there that look like paint was splattered (see spot in center of photo).

I also, however, have kinda gotten used to it, and otherwise love the counters and the soft gray color.

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I think it's resin. There have been a few threads on GW about this.

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Here's a link to another similar thread:

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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I get it now, and I just remembered I had a few of those white spots, they were the size of a pin prick here and there, over time they darkened and disappeared, probably stained with coffee spills, etcâ¦..

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You really need to look at your slabs, just as you would granite. There's very little quality control. I had an ugly Caesarstone Buttermilk slab covered in white resin splotches. Fortunately, it was damaged on install, so I was able to chose a new counter. I switched to Pentalquartz because I could chose my slabs at their Portland warehouse. Some of their slabs had white drops that looked like paint drips, but my slabs were perfect.

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