Using my Maytag Washer correctly

whovian007October 8, 2012

My husband and I recently got a used Maytag Washer model A608, and I'm wanting to make sure I'm using it correctly. The Maytag website does not have a manual for it (if anyone has one that would be delightful) I attached a photo of the center dial, my biggest thing is what point to turn it too, in order to most effectively utilize the machine's washing power for my loads of laundry.

For every load so far I've added detergent turned it to the '10' and left it to its own devices - and it turns left until the 'off' point. The clothes seem to be getting clean and all that so maybe I'm doing it right, but if anyone has any insightful information I would be most grateful.

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I do not have a manual for this machine but if what you are doing sounds perfect to me and if you are getting good results then I wouldn't change a thing. I can see part of a button over on the right, that starts with an R...and am trying to remember what those buttons are, is it regular for regular agitation and delicate for light agitation maybe?... I do know those were great Maytag's.

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Something apparently went wonky with GW's database. I answered this question in much detail weeks ago. There was one other reply that I recall, and the OP followed-up.

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Don't know if you know it but the center of the agitator should pull out. It's the lint filter.
It should be cleaned after every load (like the dryer lint trap).

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Here's what it looks like.

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