New LG TL questions

ellenpmOctober 10, 2010

Is my new LG TL operating correctly? I've only used Towels and Permanent Press cycles, each with extra rinses. All the rinses are deep fills. I have never had any spray during a cycle. Should there be some during the tub fill or when the tub spins or other times? Now, after some agitation, the tub spins in one direction for about 12 seconds, then stops and goes in the opposite direction; since the water and the drum are moving together,I can't see where it accomplishes much. Should it be spraying?

Also, water seems to dribble in over most of the dispenser tray to fill for both wash and rinses. I question if the water softener isn't going in before the final rinse.

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Try reading your owners manual. WaveForce washmotion is only available on Normal and Heavy Duty cycles providing the washload is 8 lbs or larger. The SmartRinse Jet Spray is also only available on these two cycles.

If you are concerned that the fabric softener is dispensing too early, pause the washer mid cycle, open the dispenser drawer and look in the FS compartment.

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If you are using the extra rinse option, then that forefits the spray rinse. You will get the deep rinse. Double check in your owners manual about this, but I think I am right

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If you use the extra rinse option on the Cotton/Normal and Heavy Duty cycle, you will get a deep fill rinse after the spray rinse ONLY if you do not select the Fabric Softener option or the Coldwash Option. The fabric softener is released during the final rinse of the cycle.

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Thanks for the feedback. Regarding the spray, other than the SmartRinse and Waveforce action, used in cycles I haven't used yet, is the spray used at any other times in other cycles? I thought the salesperson who sold me the washer said that the clothes were sprayed with a solution of detergent when the machine came on.

Washerman8: I believe it was due to some of your earlier posts that I was led to look into this washer. (Didn't you write about extra rinses?) My very sensitive skin thanks you. But I question what you answered above. My manual reads that the Softener button changes the final rinse from spray to deep. Your answer says to not press the Softener button if I want a deep extra rinse on the C/N and HD cycle.
I am confused; I would have thought that not pressing the Softener button would mean that extra rinses on those cycles would be sprays.

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It sounds like to me from what I just read in the owners manual that the FS buttom does a deep fill on the last rinse instead of a spray rinse. If you use extra rinse only in the C/N or H/D cycle then you just get extra spray rinses, no deep rinse. It apears that the smart rinse works on in those two cycles as well. My guess would be this is how it gets its energy saving and are the two most widely used cycles. The salesperson was right, the clothes are sprayed with a detergent solution when the washer is first filling up and load sensing to determine how much water is needed. This is nothing new as my 9 yr old Kenmore does the same thing, Kenmore called it back then "catalyst cleaning" The thing is, once the dispensor is empty, all your getting is your clothes sprayed with fill water. I think it would be great if they had a recirculation pump on the washer to comstantly spray it down as it washed, like the Calypso washers use to do. Too bad Whirpool didnt perfect that machine, it had great possiblities

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I wrote that if you select the extra rinse option on the C/N and H/D cycle, you will get a deepfill rinse after the spray rinse. Only on those two cycles. If you select the Fabric Softener option or the Coldwater option, you will get a deepfill rinse instead of a spray rinse.

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