UCL Solution for Blind Corner Wall Cab

raya1May 28, 2012


I'm installing 120V hard-wire bar lights under my cabs.

I have a blind corner wall cab which is "pulled" 2-1/4" away from the wall at the corner. I'm not sure about the best way to "turn the corner" with the bar lights. The cabinets lay out as follows from left to right:

Wall 1: 27" wide cab, 3" dead space(filler),then 12" side of a blind corner cab

Wall 2: 2" dead space (cab is "pulled" from corner), then 27" blind cab

I am considering the following layout:

First light (Wall 1) will be 22" long and will be centered under 27" cab leaving 17-1/2" or so to corner (2-1/2" end dimension plus 3" filler plus 12" blind cab). Second light (Wall 2) will be a smaller fixture (12") for the second cab and mounted same distance from corner as the first fixture. Question is at 17-1/2" from the corner, will both fixtures have enough spillover to eliminate a noticeable dark spot there?

Given that I must stick with 120v hard wire bar fixtures, Is this the best solution or is there something I've missed?

I would appreciate all input.


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If you utilize high output bars like the UniLume, the spillover should take care of the dark spot. Cost could be an issue.

Otherwise, you could
1. Try tweaking the placement of the light bars to minimize the spot.
2. Add more bars in a staggered fashion.

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