Seagull Ambience Linear Lighting

sprtphntcMay 24, 2011

Hello all,

would like the opinions of owners of the seagull linear lighting for under cabinets. The xenon 10w bulbs. we are going with 4"spacing and a frosted bulb. we are not doing the led bulb only because those bulbs are so expensive and the bulbs can be switched out when the led price comes down. we r getting a 12v Magnetic transformer 600W

are u pleased with them, do they give u enough light, are u pleased with the dimmer, if usin one? do u here any humming??

what is your overall opinion of them?? would u buy them again or switch to something else??

do they reflect onto your counter and if so does this bother u?? how were they to install, easy or difficult??

any other thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.

i know there are alot of questions, but trying to hit all points that concern me!

i just got a quote for them and it is pricey!! so wanted to see what actual owners had to say.

thanks so much!!!

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Hi sprtphntc (if that is your real name ;-) ). I haven't been back to Gardenweb in awhile. I saw your post on the Seagull and thought I would chime in. I installed a similar product in my kitchen and posted some info on the link below.

I thought the Trac 12 was better built than the Seagull and the mini track construction is better than the wire piercing method. But it is your choice, Juno might be more expensive.

Some comments on your post..

- 600 watt transformer sounds like an outdoor landscape lighting transformer. Not meant for this application. It could exceed the maximum rating of the system, be sure to check. This could be a hazard if you are pushing too much current through too small a conductor.
- 10W bulbs 4" apart will be very bright. Too bright. We put 10W bulbs about 8-10" apart and rarely crank them up to max.
- Make sure your dimmer type matches your transformer type. Magnetic transformers need dimmers designed for them, these are usually NOT the dimmers you find in the big box stores.
- Yes the transformer does hum slightly. You really need to try to hear it. I don't notice it. Torroidal (sp?) transformers may be quieter, but are usually more expensive. They are also a bit more efficient.
- We LOVE our low voltage UCL. We also put them on top of the cabinets and it throws a nice light onto the ceiling.
- Hard to install??? Depends. How handy are you? Do you have access inside the walls to run wire?
- The biggest thing people overlook with low voltage is thinking it is no big deal and 'safe.' But what you may not realize is that the transformer steps UP the current by a factor of 10. So the quality of wire you use must be appropriate for the application, especailly if you are running it inside walls.

Do your reseach and be safe.

Here is a link that might be useful: Juno Trac 12

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thanks for your input, texaxkitchentoo, (if that's your real name ??;-) we went by what the lighting specialist recommended for our amount of linear feet as far as transformer. i did look at juno, but we settled with seagull... they had that on display, so we went with it. had to make a quick a decision, so hopefully we made the right one. we can put as many or as little bulbs as needed so it will be fine that way.
and yes, we did read about the recommend dimmer.

thanks for your info, only wish we had read it earlier, might have looked alittle harder at the juno.

thanks again, sprtphntc

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