Hampton Bay Landscape Lighting Kit

jhn9840May 2, 2013

I installed this kit model # hd33969 two days ago. It is dusk to dawn lighting with led bulbs. I bought two kits as 50' of wire was not long enough. I spliced the two cables together with wire nuts and heat shrink tube.These lights pop on at dusk as they should. I was up at around 3 this morning and looked out they where still on. My wife looked out around 5 and said they were all out. I went out and put a rag over the photoeye later in the morning, they all came on and remained on for close to an hour that I had the eye covered.

The transformer is listed as 40 watts. I have 12 pathway lights at .75 watts apiece and 4 spotlights at 3 watts apiece. 21 watts if my math is correct, or am I figuring something wrong?

Any help in finding the solution to this problem is greatly appreciated.


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