How Do I Calculate Amount of Recessed Lites for Kitchen?

LaurieMay 10, 2010

I am remodeling my kitchen, about 16 x 12. Approximately how many recessed lights would be needed for a room that size taking into account that most likely, I'll have 3 pendent lights over my island, as well as one over the kitchen sink.

Is there someplace online I can go to which will calculate this for me?


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I would think no more than 11.

The formula I used is total sq ft * lumens per sq ft / lumen output per fixture.

(16 * 12) * 35 / 600 = 11.2
35 lumens per sq ft for kitchen space.
600 lumens output per recessed fixture.


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Thanks! I sort of thought that might be the amount just by looking at the room. I couldn't imagine it would be more than that.

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You might be able to use 1 or 2 fewer if you take the pendants into account.

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Yes, I am. Looking at the ceiling I had figured no more than 7 or 8 recessed. My old kitchen was a little bit smaller than this one and had 7 total (no pendents), one of which was mounted over the sink.

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