Anyone use these bulbs for recessed lights?

bugbiteMay 24, 2009

Hi, anyone use these lights for your recessed cans:

two piece bulb

This is a two-piece bulb. It comes in many watt sizes and many kelvin choices (light color- shades of white). The lamp life is rated at 10,000 hours and the ballast life is rated at 50,000 hours.

TCPI makes n:vision available at HD. But this bulb is commerical and not at HD.


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What's cool is that they make small reflectors for the CFLs, that fit right over the bulb and vented lens to go over the cfl so the spiral is not as visible. Very neat!

I can't get the link to work for the rflectors and lens. If you are interested do a search.

Thanks for your response,


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After a ton of research and communication with the manufacturer, which is amazing at answering my questions (if you get connected to the technical person), my conclusion (or rather their conclusion) is that I could use the TCP 20w 10120 dimmable (not the 23w in recessed lights) again the 20w which gives 1200 lumens (almost double the 650 lumens I have be seeing lately). I can get it in 3500k white which I now find good in a white kitchen (previously thought I could only live with a 3000k).
I can add their 201M3027M mini aluminum refector which you slide over the spiral cfl and then add the separate ventilated len 10R30PV. Plus I would buy the TCP dimmer that they make and recommend with these bulbs. All this makes an expensive (around $30), industrial 10,000 hour bulb with high lumens that is dimmable. How the lens will look, I don't know.
If anyone is using this bulb let me know.
Another alternative is the 1100 lumen GE Gunura 15000 hour bulb (non-dimmable)3000k. This bulb uses very interesting technology which is very expensive and drives the price to around $32 at conservationmart com. The sales person there seems to be very nice and tries to be helpful.

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