Replacing Deck Cap Lights with LED

mpr2008May 15, 2012

My deck currently has 16 hard-wired 12vac Cap Lights. Over the years, between replacing the incandescent bulbs and the clip type sockets breaking - I've decided I want to replace all the sockets and bulbs with something that will last longer. First thing I want to do is switch to DC - then I thought I'd look at LED bulbs - maybe a festoon style as the sockets available I've seen should last.

Hello all -

I currently use 4 watt incandescent bulbs for all the post caps, except the caps at the top and bottom of the stairs, where I use 7 watt bulbs.

So - my primary question in all this: what Lumen LED 'lamp' should I look for to be close to the lumens of the 4 and 7 watt incandescent bulbs? I found a White Festoon LED, 12v and 10 Lumens, but the online topics visually comparing LED lumens to incandescent watts is not clear - and probably for a reason...


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In the range of 4x less watts needed, but that is dependent on the LED implementation -- incandescent will probably not vary as much. On, I see xenon 24V festoon 5W claims 50 lumens, and a 24V LED festoon 0.8W claims 35 lumens.

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