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mlo1May 24, 2010

after buying a substantial lighting package based on several things including origin of manufacturer, I have been quite dismayed with Hudson Valley's product and advertising methodologies. Thier boxes and packaging are certainly nice and match thier advertising by being marked "made in the USA". Once opened up though several of the fixtures are marked "made in China" and frankly the fit, quality and hardware supplied are not even worthy of the effort to install them.

Hudson does not supply a contact number on thier website and prefers all issue are handled through the supplier. Seems entirely unfair to grind your customers and suppliers time away dealing with an issue that corporate.

What a huge letdown and waste of time and I am sure money, as these fixtures will not be of use. If this thread saves anyone the same frustration, that is my intention.

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There are very few manufactures that actually make their lighting products in the united states There are several companies that do. Hudson valley is one of these companies that does if you specify it to made in the united states. It typically doubles the price of the fixture and most retailers do not tell you this. You should confront who you bought if from about this.

Here is a link that might be useful: home lighting

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I see no mention of what you elude to in thier print information they sent me or on thier website. Not saying you are not correct. Clearly, they have marked on the packaging the fixtures came in as made in the USA. My inventory of lights recieved from them appears to be 75% domestic and 25% import without me or the retailer ever being the wiser concerning "options".

The rest of my lighting is Hubbardton forge and Brass Light Gallery.

I will go on record as saying thier chinese imported flush mounts are actually not even able to be flush mounted. I am seeing oversized thumb screw holes ill-fitting hardware, chipped glass, miss-cut insulation. Frankly...junk not worth the frustration let alone the price. This stuff is not sufficient to be hanging glass from over your head.

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They have a good quality product, but it is still from China. Whether or not it is worth the extra money is up to the individual.

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