Help..Vaulted Ceiling Chandelier Before It Comes Crashing Down!!

rsvlle-njMay 30, 2009


If anyone has any experience with hanging a chandelier, I have a problem that I could use some help with. My ceiling is vaulted to about l8 feet and the chandelier is at the 14 foot mark. The chandelier weighs approximately 70lbs and the electrician changed out the box to the proper weighted box. After hanging the chandelier yesterday, last nite I noticed that the top finial loop seemed to have moved away from the ceiling about an 1/8th to a 1/4 inch. The canopy did not move, just this's actually the part that the chandelier chain hangs from and screws into the crossbar. The electrician came back over today and said that this is not unusual because of the vault...the chandelier moved to find it's center and he reassured me that it "will not come down". He also said that the crossbar is secured soundly and that nothing would have bent up inside the box. It doesn't sound exactly "kosher" to me, but, then again I'm not an electrician.

If anyone can shed any light on this (no pun intended) I would really, really appreciate it.

I'm slightly nervous that this thing is going to come crashing down and kill someone.


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I think that you're okay.
If the top finiale is attached to the crossbar with a piece of threaded tube , and they are secure, you can relax.
But , you are right in doubting the electrician's statement that the sloped ceiling has something to do with it.
If the box has been re-enforced to take that weight
,it's not going to come down

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Thanks NormClc,

The electrician came back over on Monday and worked on the chandelier. Because of not being able to use a spreader type box, the box that was installed on Friday was replaced with another heavier one and a different bracket to attach it to the joist. This one seems to be fine and the fixture has stayed in place.

Again, thanks.


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